Saturday, March 31, 2012



bones and antlers

moon snail shells and sea urchin test

bits and bobs


the recent gift of a black-tailed deer skull from my brother-in-law got me thinking about the various nature ephemera i've accumulated over the years. i suppose my home is turning into a natural history museum of sorts, a mixture of items i've found over many years, pieces that have been gifted to me, and items that aren't actual nature remnants but just look like they are (such as a couple pieces by artist william van orden), or are part of the coastal landscape just the same (wooden and glass fishing floats). while i love to wander in search of treasures on the seashore or in the woods, i try to be very selective about the few i bring home, and leave most things be. these pieces give me a feeling of connection to the natural world at home, something to break up all the technology that surrounds us these days, the need for 'new' and 'shiny' that gets pushed at us all the time. and to be honest, i just like them. do you have any collections of your own?

(you can click on any photo to go through to flickr and see a bit more info about each.)


i am headed out this afternoon to a rally regarding the proposed northern gateway pipeline and oil tankers on the bc coast. here's hoping the heavy clouds looming above are kind to us. hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Caitlin said...

Very cool collection :) Many things I haven't seen before either.

I have a few things collected over the years too, although I am never sure how to display them and they often end up hidden somewhere safe. Where do you keep these in your home?

Margie Oomen said...

any collections?
on my I wouldn't know where to start:)

Michaelanne said...

Beautiful collections K!:) Very earthy and natural:) I collect alot of vintage items, but now I wish I had a few more nature collections:) Thank you for the inspiration:)

jenny said...

I have so many collections... very much like yours! My kids are just like me, I have to make sure to clean out all of our pockets well on laundry day. I love the deer skull. What a great gift!

Erin said...

we are collectors too, just not so well organized with presentation...something to concentrate on as the oldest tackles his collections and actually enjoys the detail work of organization.

your groupings are so beautiful. they might make terrific wall prints :)

Tara said...

Stones and shells.I am a tad bit jealous, okay more than a tad, of your moonsnail collection.