Thursday, March 08, 2012

sea nettle

sea nettle

sea nettle at the beach

sea nettle

months ago, i stitched up the bell of this jellyfish with some layers of natural dyed silk and gauze, and then it sat. it wasn't that i didn't like it, i just couldn't quite wrap my head around how the rest of this sea nettle would go. i puzzled over it a little, a mental picture tickling at the edge of my brain but not quite fully formed. it was easier at the time to focus on some other creatures, things that were capturing my attention with an end product in mind, a complete picture. the bell waited.

but something about spring has brought jellies to the front of my mind. lately on beach walks i have noticed little moon jellies and water jellies washed up on the sand, clear little gelatinous circles helpless ashore. it must just be a certain cycle, as late in the summer we often see large lion's mane jellyfish doing the same thing. and i've been thinking about invertebrates in general too (there is another octopus in progress). so this week i decided to play around with the bell again, using some tea-dyed jersey. and lo and behold, a sea nettle was born.

this jellyfish will be in the shop on saturday. i'm kind of enamoured with it, so there may be more soon (perhaps one of the above mentioned lion's manes?)


currently loving this new song from the shins.


Margie Oomen said...

so so gorgeous

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

You are so gifted, k.

Dawn Suzette said...

The wait paid off. It is so neat.
We see a lot of lion's mane jellies in the bay in the summer. Would love to see one of those stiched by your talented hands.

Els said...

This is a true wonder !!!!

PeregrineBlue said...

oh what a beauty. and you always pick the best spots to photograph your work.

leFiligree said...

i love how soft it looks. so different from your sturdy stuffed guys. is that tea-stained jersey pinkish? love it!

rebecca said...

awesome solution. love the scrunched pink!

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

You are an inspiration!
Happy Weekend from Down Under!