Thursday, March 22, 2012

snow-kissed morning...

a fine dusting

walking into the sun

snow on salal

early light

snow on seaweed

snow-kissed morning 

i've walked this trail countless times. across the quiet parking lot and onto the gravel pathway that winds through ragged trees and lush salal bushes. down over roots and rocks, out onto the open stretch of sand. the sound of waves hitting the shore is like a giant exhalation from inside my chest. i've walked this route in sun, rain and wind, but until this particular morning, not with snow. granted, the snow was on its way out, the clouds that had brought it moving out over the sea and the sun poking its way through the trees. but still it was gently settled on the path, my truck, the leaves and seaweed as i passed. catching the sun in spots, or still sleeping quietly in the frozen shade. my breath rose in a steamy cloud as my boots left wet prints in the sand. my last morning on the west coast before heading home again, and i wanted to savour this last walk along this curve of beach until next time. now revisiting it in this photos, i wish i was still there.

i feel like this week has turned into a total wash. not sure where the time has gone. my focus is anywhere but here. my to-do pile isn't getting any shorter. an inch of stitching takes forever, my sketchbook stays closed. i'm not sure how to get back into my creative space.

the weekend promises a bit more outdoor escape. i plan to visit the newborn lambs on my folks' homestead, watch them frolic in the mud with my nephews close behind. and sunday may be about exploring another stretch of sand, digging for clams in the muck to bring home for dinner. good springtime activities. what are you up to?


Margie Oomen said...

walks in the forest searching for wildflowers and salamanders, watching lili grow and smile and maybe even laugh, gardening, and a little work on my indigo show.

Tara said...

I think that in the spring, the outdoors beckons too loudly and it is difficult to get to task. It will come back. In those moments when I'm not outside digging in the dirt or feeding children (man, they eat a lot), I am getting ready for a show next week.

rebecca said...

a recent sunset article made me want to go clam-digging. it's not normal fare here at this little family's table, so i bet i'd be the only one eating them. nevertheless, the adventure in foraging sounds fun.

you did get a pretty dusting of snow! we ended up with an unprecedented 6" that slowly melted through yesterday, but is still here in lots of nooks and crannys today. i must say, my first reaction to the whole thing was, "oh no! what does this mean for our summer cherries?!" last year was such a bad year for them, and we so look forward to picking from our friends' trees. snow is lovely, but i am ready for spring!

Rachel said...

We have been getting a similar snow dusting every day this week.

I've been having the same 'week was a wash' feeling as well. I'm wondering if it is just part of March? Hope next week is better!

Kathrin said...

These images are beautiful. We've had no winter to speak of (and this in the North East!), and I missed the snow and the soft cover it provides. Just saw your comment on Kathryn Clark's blog. I think you raise awareness in a very different way, which is to show nature's beauty through creating your soulful creatures (some of them in danger to being extinct) by hand. I love your work!