Tuesday, March 13, 2012

shop update / home

Giant Pacific Octopus

Velella velella

storm front

home again today. thankfully we have power on here, but it's still out at work, along with many other homes. my job revolves around the computer and printer, so there's nothing i can do if there's no juice coming down the line. it's a bit of a pain, as there is work to do, and i am taking friday off to go away this weekend, so i certainly don't need more days off to whittle down my paycheque, but there's not much to be done when mother nature has her way. i will make the best of today that i can.

the octopus above is in the shop this morning. i finally made another one, and somehow they always come out a bit surly. not sure if that is the general disposition of octopuses, but the ones i make seem to take on that expression. i like him anyway, even if he seems to be giving me the stink eye looking over his curling arms. he has a wonderful patchwork of mottled hand dyed linen covering his head, reds and burgundies and a hint of pink and orange here and there.

joining the octopus is a set of three by-the-wind sailors, or velella velella jellyfish. i wrote about these vibrant little creatures over a year ago, and in my current invertebrate kick i had to make more for the shop. they are quirky, adrift on the high seas at the mercy of the winds and currents, their stiff little 'sail' catching the breeze, but i find them quite fascinating the more i read about them. maybe soon i will make one of their larger but equally electric blue cousins, the man o' war. there are so many fascinating jellyfish, the sea nettle may have just been the tip of the iceberg. but a similar statement could be made about most of the amazing creatures that ply the deep blue depths, not to mention on shore, and in the air. well, at least i'll never run out of critters to make!

it sounds like it may blow again today, and tomorrow. a storm force kind of week. hope you're staying warm wherever you are.


Heather M. said...

I don't think he looks surly, just thoughtful. He is lovely. We had the strangest weather today. It's sunny now (6pm) but we woke up to snow, it snowed - quite heavily- in the middle of the day, turned to sun and then hailed! I hope you're back at work as soon as possible.

Sabine said...

This red octopuss is beautiful with his curled tentacles: great work !

Tara said...

Beautiful, k. Such lovely vibrant coloursm both the octopus and jellyfish. I don't understand why he's giving you the stink eye considering how pretty you made him.

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