Monday, April 02, 2012

rain day...

bright light

leather star

red rocks

so bright


some beach photos taken over a month ago now, not sure why i didn't post them. there were some particularly vibrant little dogwinkles, glowing purple and orange against the rocks. not one but two leather stars were exposed by the tide, a sea star i rarely see here on the inner coast. in spots the rocks were rich orange-red, perhaps because of lots of iron in the area? and there were a few moon snail remnants along the high tide line. always new things to see as the ocean washes in and out.


today is definitely an inside day. the wind is howling, and the heavy downpour swings sideways in accompaniment. i probably will venture out to the post office a bit later, but other than that it seems a good time work on some crafting at home. thankfully i got out for a few good forest walks over the past weekend, a bit of exploring on new trails in what is such a lush environment right now, the forest coming to life again beside the rushing river.

as mentioned, some things are changing up around here. some of them are directly to do with my craft work and the blog, and i'll let you know soon. but others are to do with 'real' life. i prefer not to talk too much about my day job most of the time. but in the last while it has become increasingly irregular and frustrating, and so while i'm still keeping that position, i have also accepted another part time position. i haven't started yet, so i don't quite know how working slightly more than full time will affect the rest of my life. it will mean less time for crafting and blogging, but i'm hoping perhaps i will just be more effective with the time i do have. we'll see. but today i am at home, and nearly finished a custom beast. if i'm efficient some other things might start to take shape this afternoon too.

here's hoping you are having a good start to your week.


jenny said...

I can't get over how cool those shells are. And I have never seen iron in the salt water? That's interesting. I wonder...? I'm sorry to hear that things are not going well with your day job. I am sure that bummer energy is incredible draining. Best of luck in your new endeavor! Maybe a new direction will lead to good things.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

I really wonder why these creatures are brighter than on other beaches. I hope you'll find out why. They really are gorgeous !
I'm really sorry things are going to wrong/bad at work. And even more sorry that you had to get a second job. I hope that in the end, something positive will come out. (I agree with Jenny) Anyway, I keep you in my thoughts, and please don't forget I'm a click away if you need anything. (I have two good ears) oxoxo big hugs, K

kate said...

Having made some work changes myself last year, I totally know how it feels to take on more and hope for the best! I'm sure you will also find your balance.

Love the purple periwinkle, wow!

Margie Oomen said...

you always see the most beautiful things on your beaches
change is good
believe in yourself

Erin said...

sorry to hear about the work frustrations, like others said, that kind of energy can really drain...

it sounds like you are being pro-active while simultaneously holding space for what is and what may come, which is no easy task.

with beauty all around you, on your beach and forest walks, and it is what you choose to focus on and i admire that :)

~erin xo

leFiligree said...

goodness! i hope your transition is for the best. less time often means more efficiency, naturally, so that might feel really great. as a creative person you WILL find a way :)

Maggie said...

Good luck with the transition! I remember when I made the switch from part-time to full-time, it was a little more intense that I thought it would be...but new rhythms and routines arose. Make sure to be gentle to yourself during the transition!