Monday, January 19, 2009

catching up...

I have a little pre-occupation with outfitting myself in all white when snowboarding. It probably won't happen - I'm likely to get a red hard shell jacket (in line with the two other red jackets I already have - for other uses), but I do have white boots, bindings, pants, and so of course I needed a fluffy white toque.

Another quick hat (are they ever not quick - such fun, instant gratification projects hats are) knit up in superwash merino, and the last little bit used to make a pompom to top it. I kind of wish the pom was bigger, but alas, that was the last of the 2nd skein. For more details, check out my Ravelry project page.

The fog has been heavy upon us lately, thick and soup and rarely providing a glimpse of the supposed clear sky above. It is finally starting to thin, but yesterday we decided to escape it for a little while and check out the temperature inversion going on.

Foggy and 2 degrees C at sea level? How about sunny and a balmy 13 degrees high on the ski hill? A bit ridiculous, and the slopes certainly aren't in much condition for downhill action. So for a change of pace we went cross country skiing with a few friends. Haven't done it in many many years, but I enjoy the swish swish through the snow (okay, nearing slush in late afternoon), and may try to get in a few more tours this season.

Returning home again, the fog will still thick over the water. This shot was taken just a few blocks above our house in late afternoon. But just a short shot down the hill into our own yarn there wasn't much to be seen, just thickening grey and the sounds of fog horn, ferry horn, and other vessels trying to find their way.

And I've got one more FO to share. Again, deets are on Rav. I knit up these "Boyfriend Socks" for, obviously, the boy, but I kind of wish they were for me. This yarn is yummy and squishy, aptly named "Foot Loose" and the cabling was addictive. I adjusted the pattern a bit as usual - either everyone else has really wide feet, or more likely I am just a looser knitter than everyone, but by removing a few stitches they fit A perfectly.

Now I want to make some 2009 socks for myself, but there are many projects in the works (and in my head). Currently I'm plugging away at a Baby Surprise Jacket, for my brand new nephew born last week.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

old and new...

This is a pretty photo-heavy post, but how else to get a good picture (yuk, yuk, wry punster) of the end of the old year and beginning of the new?
The last days of December were much snowier than we here on the wet coast are used to. The snow never seemed to stop, and over Christmas we were well ensconced at my parents home, with the snow falling heavily all around. The first few shots capture some of that.
I don't think the alpacas were all that impressed with the snow, not straying often from the well worn path. But if anyone has a nice winter sweater to keep them warm, it's them right? Well them and the sheep, and both crews were eager for hay when no fresh grass was to be found.
The Tapestry Cowl is finished! A new skill figured out (double knitting), and a pretty nice finished product to boot. That chart killed me a bit - 67 rows x 110 (220) stitches with no repeats- but the result is very cool. I ended up having to take out about 15 rows actually, as I feared I was running out of yarn (my gauge was a bit off), but I probably could have left at least 5 of those in in the end.
I have never used Koigu before, but sense a lot of people love it so I may be scorned for speaking ill. However, despite it being very soft after a good soak, I was disappointed that the cowl stretched out a lot (and I tried to keep it in shape as much as possible while drying) and also seemed to get quite floppy, and not retaining the nice structure it had before. It still worked to keep my face warm while boarding, but due to the change in dimensions it does not stay up as well as it might have.
This is a great pattern though, and I would like to try it again - or make something else in double knitting with a similar idea (but possible repeats in the colourwork?) The colours of the Koigu are great too.
Lastly, a few more winter shots. We've gotten out for two days of boarding in the last week - although somehow the mountains have much less snow than normal despite all the snow at sea level. I was definitely having troubles on my board on the first day, but yesterday was a bit better. These pics are from yesterday at Mount Cain. A rare peek at a snowy white ptarmigan pecking at branches poking out of the snow (these birds are brown in the summer) entertained several skiers and boarders at the top of the t-bar.
And another shot from the top of the first t-bar - the weather changed a lot yesterday, including a heavy blizzard while driving home. Hope you are all having a good start to the year - today we are having more traditional west coast weather, a howling southeaster. and we were even without power for a couple of hours.