Saturday, March 03, 2012

hello new dress

wiksten tank dress

tank dress - detail

huh, that came out of nowhere. as mentioned in yesterday's post i was thinking of downloading the wiksten tank dress pattern. so i did. printed it out in the afternoon. cut it out and taped the pieces together before dinner. and sewed up a new dress for myself before bed. guess i was in the zone.

so obviously this dress came together pretty easily, and i think you should all make yourselves a dress or two. (and there will be two...or more. i am definitely making more.) i am one who rarely follows patterns, but i found this one very straightforward, and all the subtle finishing details make the dress. for my first go i chose a beige shimmery linen, partly as i thought it would be versatile, partly because the local fabric shop didn't have any fun prints for spring in yet and i was too impatient to wait for something to come in the mail. next time i will likely do a print, but i think i will get a lot of wear out of this. for a bit of textural detail, i used the "wrong" matte side of the linen for the pocket so it would set off just a little from the rest of the dress. i do think i would go down a size next go 'round, as it is quite roomy, but it will be good for layering now and on its own come summertime. i'm wearing it right now actually. i put it on for the photos and it never came off. with the leggings and a chambray shirt on top to keep my arms warm (not to mention my beautiful indigo scarf from julie sinden) i am quite cozy on this saturday morning. a big sweater, a toque and some boots and i'll be ready for a walk a bit later.


if you look closely you can see my still swollen wrist. the pin holes are healing nicely, but unfortunately i'm also allergic to bandaid adhesive so i have been enjoying a blistering red rash in a perfect rectangle shape for a week now after i took the bandaid off. gross. vitamin e oil is helping a lot though.


think i might start sharing some music picks with y'all - this morning listing to this.

happy saturday to you!


jenny gordy said...

Wow, that was so fast! I saw your order and was happy because I'm a fan of your work. You did an amazing job on the dress, it looks so cute on you. : )

Margie Oomen said...

gosh you look lovely in your new dress
love the music pick too

Anonymous said...

Ha! I can't believe it, I downloaded the two patterns yesterday (the Tova one too) and I'm planning to sew them! Yours is beautiful, I hope I'll be as good :) Happy weekend K!

Netta said...

well done! I'll have to download that pattern and get to work. looks so good, and I love it when somebody I know tests out the pattern first.

leFiligree said...

OMG girl! where did this come from?! at your instruction, i downloaded the pattern and pieced it together, but i want to transfer it to softer "pattern" paper so i can make a couple.

way to be inspiring!

Laura said...

Love the dress!

For the rash, try zinc oxide diaper rash cream - looks terrible, but works really well.

Natalie B said...

Looks great! What material did you use for the dress?

Tara said...

Love the dress, k. you are inspiring me to give it a try. Is it a do-able pattern for a slightly-more-than-beginner sewer?

julie schmulie said...

lovely dress (you've inspired me too - love the idea of making it into a dress rather than a tank), and the scarf compliments it so nicely. thanks!

arounna said...

the dress is beautiful
I'm allergic to latex and it's awful those little blisters
yes - I agree zinc oxide is the best.
love julie's scarf too!