Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ack! the cuteness

the wobblies

black sheep

oh hi, i'm frickin' adorable

brand new

first drink

what a face

a little tuesday morning overflow of springtime cute for you. much like last year, spring isn't complete without a visit to my parents' little homestead to see the new lambs born each year. in this case i was lucky enough to be there to see one come into the world (well okay, i was inside the house for the actual event, but came out minutes after). there are five lambs in all this year - two black twins that are already a couple weeks old and sturdy and capable; a distinctly wobbly set of white twins that are nearly a week old (they had a bit of rough entry into the world, but getting stronger every day); and lastly a very mottled little girl all on her own. the mother of the wobbly boys, Jumper, is very protective, stamping her foot in warning when you get too close and making a sound that i suspect is the closest thing i think a sheep can do to growling. i do hope she realized i wasn't aiming to harm her babies, just wanting to get a few snaps of their sweet faces. certainly the other ewes were not too concerned about the crew of humans checking them out.

on this day my niece and all three of my nephews were there to check out the lambs as well, although often they seem more interested in bringing fir branches over to the pair of alpacas to nibble on. who can blame them, those guys are pretty entertaining too. but me? i can't help but be entranced by those soft little faces, and the way they kick up their heels as they bounce around the field in the sunshine.


thank you for the response to the sea turtle! he was snapped up so quickly i may make another green one soon. actually, truth be told, there is another sea turtle in the works already - a different kind. in a fit of inspiration last night i realized i had the perfect materials for it and couldn't help but get to work right away, never mind all the other things in progress or on the 'list'. stay tuned, and hope you're having a good week!


this is a really powerful read.


jenny said...

Oh spring! I love babies! And spring! I can't wait to see some new life happening around here. Lots of nest building going on, but that's about all I've seen. That's really neat that your parents have a homestead with such wonderful critters. Did you grow up there?

julie schmulie said...

ack is right! lambs are maybe the cutest thing ever, aren't they? such wonderful shots of such adorable little creatures. thanks for brightening up my day with them....

Maggie said...

So adorable! Seeing this made my day. What a quintessential Springtime scene.