Thursday, November 30, 2006

back home...

yes, we have returned from the sunny south. and as you can see from photos, it has been a bit of a frosty wonderland waiting for us. we are currently snowed in at the folks' place, enjoying a bit of respite before diving back in to the real world. i have many a photo to post but thought i would first start off with these shots. later i will show you shots of our ridiculous snowy drive home through washington, but for now there is this.

when we arrived home there was snow, but the skies has cleared a little, leaving it chilly and icy. yesterday a storm blew in, with a full day of swirling, blowing powder. for anyone in the know, this is definitely not west coast weather. i am not used to the snow being so light and fluffy, and blowing in swirls off the rooftops and up in drifts against the doors. however, as is typical, things started to warm up and today we are left with a heavy wet mass of snow in the true wet coast tradition. looks to keep warming, so it is evolving into a slushy mess. still might be awhile before my car moves...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

sunshine in november...

yeah, sunshine is a big plus for me at this time of year - the constant southeasters of Vancouver Island and all.

we are in bishop now since last week. cold at night (and the occasional sprinkle of rain) but pretty gosh darn warm during the day - today in fact takes the cake so far as i'm in shorts and tank top. i wish i could post some photos! next time will really have to bring the mac and not A's pc - just doesn't work like i want it to. anyway, i have been keeping a bit of a diary so i hope to post excerpts and photos upon our return.

today headed out to the buttermilks west of bishop for some bouldering - just crazy landscape in the hot sun beneath soaring peaks. luke swears he saw a snake, but i missed it - although he claims it was something black and yellow, so not a rattlesnake at least.

that's all i have to update right now - i'm less good at the communicating without the photos - the landscape is just too cool to describe.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

floods and other gong shows...

i don't have any photos to post at the moment, as i'm not on my computer. but i thought i would post a quick note on my travels so far, for anyone checking in. We departed from home yesterday morning, and after a small border delay (we are suspicious travel candidates to the u.s. as we are unemployed at the moment), we headed down through washington. should have seen it coming - as we headed to the border the sky was a dark leary blue, and pretty much as soon as we crossed the border it began to rain. it has rained every moment since - not a little shower here, a light sprinkle there. essentially a steady pour with no sign of let up. last night we refused to camp and slept in the truck, the three of us cramped in our seats, attempting to find a comfortable spot. our drive down the oregon coast today was hampered by the steady rain and low visibility, not to mention flooding that made for some interesting driving. another night in the truck had no appeal, and we have relented (only the second night of our trip!) and are in a motel. we have since learned that many parts of washington and oregon are in a state of emergency! an excellent start to the trip.

tomorrow there is rumour that the rain will let up a little, and so we will make a quick stop to see the giant redwoods in northern california before heading inland, desert-bound. there better not be any rain to slow up the climbing! i am sad i didn't get much chance for photos of the foggy, windy, and ever so rainy coast, but i will return sometime to spend more time on the sand. but when i get back i will show you the gigantic waves!