Friday, March 02, 2012

flotsam on friday...

view from the nettle patch

rosehips in the rain


sunset walk

aaaaahhhh, nearly the weekend. do you have any fun plans?

just a few shots from the last couple weeks... including the view from my favourite nettle picking patch (top). the nettles are taking their time coming up but i have gotten a few here and there while still leaving lots to grow. the other night i made a nettle quiche with mushrooms and pancetta - so so good! there is a little bit leftover for my lunch today - yum.

the weather forecast indicates there may be considerable inside time, which is fine enough for the me who has way too many sewing and crafting plans right now. the skirt is coming along. what you saw on wednesday is a big squishy garter stitched cowl i'm slowing adding a few rows to on breaks from other tasks. it grows, slowly. in some ways it seems funny knitting something thick and cozy as springtime starts to appear, but i feel i was robbed a bit during prime knitting season, so i'm indulging now. and i'm sure there are still a few chilly walks to come. since i can now download wiksten's tank dress pattern online, i might finally be motivated to get to it. not sure why i was hesitating, but download appeals to my instant gratification self. and lest you think it's all about stuff for me, i'm finally working on a new eight-legged beast. and i think i've figured out my problem on another creature that's been stumping me for a bit, so that one might appear soon too.

let me know if you're sewing or crafting something this weekend - i'd love to hear!


other things:
• i promised someone i would make a cheesecake for her upcoming birthday. i love my usual cheesecake, but i'm considering trying something different like this raw lemon vanilla "cheese"cake instead.
• i have suddenly decided i need one of these old polaroid sx-70 cameras. if only polaroid film wasn't so pricey these days.
• and if i needed more sewing projects, did you see Cal Patch's tutorial on sewing your own leggings?


Anonymous said...

Christine S says: I love your photos, art, and blog. It is beautiful in Southern Calif. and I will be spending time gardening! Have a wonderful weekend!

leFiligree said...

downloadable wiksten tank dress? OMG guess what i might be up to! besides taking tippi back to the vet because the swelling is getting worse :(

Michaelanne said...

Gorgeous photos!!! We are starting to see a few signs of Spring here as well...and it is so exciting! I was working of a pair of fingerless gloves..and doing SO good. I was literally on the LAST row before binding off, when due to LUCY jumping on me..I dropped about 7 stitches. I have no idea how to fix this..hmmm??? SO,I think until my friends save me, I should start something else! I have a quilt planned for the next few days off!

Els said...

Love your photos, especially that caught feather !!!

Erica said...

These photos scream: spring is coming! I can't wait!