Monday, March 12, 2012


Nearly there with my new skirt

So many herring eggs

Tiny tentacles

Power's out, wild and wet outside. Stitching in bed sounds good.


i joined instagram late last week. i totally didn't need another distraction, but it's become instantly addicting. if you're over there, you can find me @fogandswell. or you may have noticed some of the pictures popping up over on flickr and fb. i was hoping that in using it i would be inspired to share more in progress and behind the scenes shots of my work, and so far it seems to be working. i will never give up my big camera, but occasionally setting up shots, downloading them, editing, uploading to the interwebs, and then blogging, makes me less likely to share some on-the-fly moments which seems unfortunate sometimes. so i'll be using instagram to supplement once in a while.

above are a few recent favourites - the first and second also show my new skirt, done now. i will share proper pics soon (well sort of proper, for some reason it's been hard to photograph properly). the second shot also shows the pile up of herring eggs on some of the beaches around here. a seagull's feast. the middle shot is some work in progress - actually there will be a couple items in the shop tomorrow, if i can get proper photos on this very dark day.

and speaking of this very dark day...the power went off just as i was waking up this morning. you can see above that with no power and a wild wet storm blustering outside, i elected to stay in bed and stitch by the scant grey light coming in the window. A came home from work after a couple hours when it became clear there would be no power there either. we had just decided to go out and see the storm when the lights came back on. nonetheless, we headed out in the truck, stopped for a warm drink to top up our travel mugs along the way, and drove out to the strait to see the forces of nature. branches and the occasional tree, not to mention tossed up driftwood, littered the roads but there were lots of folks with the same idea. the sun started poking through here and there, but every time we ventured from the warmth of the truck we were nearly bowled over by the wind and drenching showers kept moving through. so today we just watched.


thanks for all your suggestions about that curious thing in saturday's post. i've got some feelers out with other folks too. i would say it's definitely not halosaccion or other seaweed bleached by the sun - i'm leaning more toward the swim bladder idea. but i'll let you know if i figure it out.


Anonymous said...

So glad you are on Instagram. I'm adding you now!

Margie Oomen said...

i admire you for taking on another means of communication

Michaelanne said...

Your pictures are as lovely as ever! I am so glad you finished your skirt! Can't wait to see more of it..
It is gray and stormy here today too, but I don't have to go ANYWHERE so I love it!