Saturday, April 20, 2013


A little something I made this morning. Looking forward to the afternoon.

My somewhat wonky afternoon ring effort.

I stepped away from the needle and thread today, from the knitting pins and spools of wool, the reams of fabric. Today I tried something completely new.

I have been interested in working with metal for some time. More recently, I have been wowed by artisans like Jillian and Kelly and so many others. On a whim I signed up for a one day class, Metalsmith for Beginners, and showed up this morning with an eager glint in my eyes. We played with copper, bronze and silver. We learned sawing, hammering, texturing, drilling and much to absorb. I was a little sad we didn't get to try any soldering, but understood the time and space were limiting. And I came out at the end of the day with two pieces worked from my own shaky hands, a pair of earrings and a...let's say very "organic" ring (organic means wonky and uneven, just if we're being honest). Feeling pretty happy about the day.

There are many who would argue that the last thing I need is another hobby, but I'd really like to play with this medium more, whether on its own or incorporating it into my other work. Lots to experiment with, to be sure. I'm already considering taking a private soldering lesson with the instructor. Sorry AK and Ty - yet something else to keep me from paying attention to you. ;)

Have you learned anything new recently?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

small update...


green sea turtle

My apologies for not posting much recently. Honestly, I guess I haven't had much to say. This too will just be a short post to let you know there are two new beasts in the shop - another green sea turtle and a new take on a giant pacific octopus - this one is covered in logwood dyed cotton gauze, overlaid with hundreds of stitches for added texture. I love to make the octopuses, but they are a lot of work when stitched entirely by hand (all those legs!).

I'm hoping to get a whale or two done this week, so if you have been waiting on them keep an eye out next weekend!


Heading up this afternoon to take in one more snow day as the mountain season finishes. A friend and I are going snowshoeing, and give Ty is first taste of the white stuff. Then we'll watch crazy people in costume ski into a frigid pool for the annual "slush cup". Brrrr, but enjoyable to watch! Here's hoping you've had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

in bloom...

lantern of spring



daffodil kiss

in the morning sun

It starts small, literally. Still stomping the trails in hardy boots, head and hands wrapped up against the biting wind, you start to notice small green shoots unfurling amongst the mud and last year's dead leaves. It starts slow too, and can't help but anxiously await the first little flower buds. Then one day they are there - small snowdrops in clusters out in the woods and on lawns, bowing under the still cold breeze on grey March days. The first bright yellow glow of swamp lanterns thrusting up from the boggy areas lights up the woods. And you know - spring has well and truly started.

Suddenly it's everywhere - vibrant green nubs on each branch, pink salmonberry stars, a carpet of green on the forest floor followed by trilliums, fawn lilies, bleeding hearts. Each yard including yours boasts a clutch or two of daffodils and tiny grape hyacinths. The magnolias, unable to hold themselves back any longer, unleash an explosion of petals. The streets are lined with cherry trees littering blossoms that swirl and dance in the breeze of each passing car. You find yourself walking the trails in sandals and a light sweater, hands and face open to the sun. Everywhere the birds are singing and flirting, even more thrilled than you about this change in the weather. Spring has sprung.


After a small string of glorious days, the rain moved back in today and the world feels a bit grey. It's milder though, without the determined chill of a winter day. A few things going on on the interwebs:
>> A recipe of mine made it into the new Hollyhock cookbook. Even without that bit of luck, I would totally recommend this book for healthy, seasonal recipes. I just made the whole wheat chia bread and it's awesome!
>> The weather might be warming up, but a squishy cowl like this makes me wish for a few more chilly days.
>> Once those lovely daffodils start to fade on the front lawn, I think I'll gather up the wilting petals to make a dye bath and if I'm lucky I'll get buttery yellows like these from Clarabella.

How's your week?