Monday, December 14, 2009

have a seat...

gift knitting continues in all it's madness. thankfully, i seem to be getting on top of it, but then again christmas isn't here yet, so i shouldn't get all cocky about yet, should i?

these seat cushions were requested by my sister after seeing some of my string quilting experiments. i hope this is what she meant! handily, we have the same style of dining chairs, so that helped with the measurements, but i think in the end they are a bit smaller than i would have liked. should still work though. the backs are a lightly patterned blue, and make the covers easy to remove from the foam for ease of washing. i did quilt the tops to one layer of batting as well to give at least a slight "quilted" look.

i also finished two toques this weekend, which you can check out here and here. both quickie projects for my nephew and dad, respectively.

we are gearing up for our first real snowfall of the year tonight - a light dusting covers the ground outside my office right now, but we should get quite a bit more tonight. definitely helps the christmas spirit, even if i did end up having to come in to work instead of having the day off to go snowboarding as was planned...

Monday, December 07, 2009

breath of fresh (arctic) air

the days are clear and bright here, but the temps are hovering around 0 and below (celsius). monday to friday i head to work in just-barely daylight and come home as the sun is making a run for the hills (or behind the hills, as it were), so despite the beautiful light peeking through my office window, i myself have not been getting a lot of vitamin D. i also have a bad habit, especially this time of year, of getting caught up with crafts and baking and just plain cleaning the house on my days off, and before i know it it's dark again. so yesterday i thought i better get outside.

i took a walk at the airpark, which runs along the courtenay river estuary. the air was filled with gulls and geese flying back and forth, and hundreds of them lined the water's edge. the dry grasses rustled busily in the arctic breeze whistling along. and the sky was oh so blue. perfect for a solitary walk, and then to come home to a warm house with cheeks nice and rosy.

i also managed to finish off one more gift that had been languishing for a bit. this is my interpretation of pebble, a sweet little vest for my littlest nephew, in tweedy brown ravelled here. the actual knitting went quickly, but then it sat waiting for ends to be woven in and appropriate buttons to be picked. i omitted the buttons on the side, possibly out of laziness, but also because my nephew is getting a bit bigger and i think it will still be easy to get on him, plus the buttons at the shoulders should still help.

not sure what has possessed me this december - my house looks like some sort of craft bomb went off - balls of yarn, bits of felt, fabric, paper...i keep adding more gift projects to my list before i am finished the ones i already started.