Saturday, February 27, 2010

slow sewing...

slow sewing, originally uploaded by westcoastcreative.

i've been inspired by lots of hand stitching lately, from the wonderful works of jude over at spirit cloth, to the clothing of alabama chanin, so i've been experimenting with a bit of my own. this is a square of interwoven denim strips from an old pair of jeans, slowly being sewn together by leftover red merino from my beautiful red hat. i haven't quite figured out what it's going to be (pillow cover? bag?) but i'm enjoying the meditation of stitching it together. plus i'm glad to be using up scraps, the best sort of recycling i suppose.

Monday, February 15, 2010

yesterday, today, tomorrow?

yesterday, today, originally uploaded by westcoastcreative.

tomorrow now being today, since i didn't get around to posting yesterday. the weather on saturday was wet, pouring all day, with a southeast gale bending the trees. i ventured out briefly, but you can trust me when i say it wasn't pretty. complete wet (err, west) coast february weather, and i love it (although i suppose many an olympian was less than thrilled).

sunday, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. bright blue sky met me through the window when i woke up, and stayed all day, including a lovely trip down to the beach to explore what the previous day's storm had washed up.

now if that sun could reappear this week for a few days, i might be able to get out on my bike for a forest ride without fear of being swallowed by an enormous mud puddle...