Sunday, January 28, 2007

sunny sunday...

it has been a bit of a busy week. but in between i have managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting. the photography has been partially on hold, in that i haven't had much time to get outside, but i have spent some good time at the climbing gym taking shots for their new website - when it's up and running you will be able to see all my hard work on the design and my photos as well!

i thought i should post some progress shots - first are the variegated blue fingerless gloves i am working on - almost done and the knitting goes quite fast, but i keep getting distracted by other projects. you can only see one mitt in this photo, but the second is nearly there as well. i thought this best showed the design. i am using patons classic merino, which i seem to go to again and again. i was initially not quite sold on the variegated colour - i like mixes, but it almost seemed to change too quickly and too regularly. but knit up i find it much more appealing. hopefully the recipient of these babies will also be happy.

the second picture shows a much slower going - fingerless mitts as well, but for me this time. i am LOVING the SWS - so soft, but as you can see i have also been distracted from this project. so what has been distracting me you ask?

i think these turned out quite well - i wanted an easy knit with a quick pattern but still having some interest. my dad says they look like norwegian ski socks. perhaps... i used scheepjes invicta extra, and i love the red. knit on 2mm, with a short row heel and as usual the magic cast on for toe up socks.
next on the horizon? hmmmm....

Friday, January 12, 2007

yup, climbin'....

more pics from trip

luke bouldering in the buttermilks. we got hopelessly lost on our first trip out there, so it's anyone's guess what he is climbing.

the lava rock at the happy boulders - very cool.

climbing in the owens river gorge - can you spot the girl cranking the 10d? yeah, that's not me (but i wish it was!)

taking a crack at jedi mind tricks in the buttermilks.

and on charlotte rampling on the honey boulder.

another perfect day in the owens valley - mt tom and basin mtn in the background. owens river in the foreground.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

early to rise...

each morning when i drive to work i have been admiring the cold january sky, but not had my camera or an opportunity to stop anyway. this morning i got up before sunrise (okay, so that's 8am - nobody said i had to suffer), and bundled myself up for the short walk to the beach. the road was slick with ice as we are experiencing a short cold snap. only an inch of snow on the ground, but it is powdery and light, and shows no signs of melting.

i got to the beach as the sky was turning an icy pink in preparation for the orange sun to come. i was rewarded as well with this great blue heron, calmly wading in the cold water as he too waited for a few rays of sun. he put up with me for quite a while, allowing me to get right to the water's edge, a mere 3-4 metres away. but finally he grew bored and took off with a squawk, arching over the water, silhouetted against the snow-capped coast range. definitely worth getting up for.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

yay socks!

i have been a bit sock obsessed lately. but obsession does come with rewards. first, socks for A. he seems pretty happy, and they did work out well, although i think they are a bit short in foot length. but he was away, so these things happen. i used regia, toe up on 2mm dpns, short row heel, basic 2x1 rib on the leg.

and second: yummy socks for me! i had to accept right off that they weren't going to be the same - i don't think the colour changes ever repeated themselves exactly, but i think they have come out quite complementary. i love this wool - it is so soft and so pretty. the pattern was pretty straight forward, a variation on hello yarn's cable twist socks after seeing grumperina's beautiful green result. i used 4x1 ribbing instead of grumperina's 6x2. the yarn is fabulous fortissima colori on 2mm dpns, toe-up. sorry for the somewhat boring photos - i am never home in daylight lately it seems, so for now you get dull indoor lighting shots.

did i mention YAY SOCKS?!!!!!

photos photos photos...

okay, obviously posting extended details about our november trip (so long ago!) has failed completely, so instead i am just going to do a quick couple of posts with some of my favourite shots for anyone who is curious.

this is lovers leap in south lake tahoe - beautiful, but frightfully cold if you have any aspirations to climb in the shade. definitely worth a return trip in a warmer month.

the american river than runs right near lovers leap.

the phantom spires near south lake tahoe. this was actually the view from our campsite. the spires are "phantoms" as they used to be hidden in the trees. however, a forest fire followed by logging cleared out the area exposing the former phantoms.

after leaving tahoe, we headed south to bishop. mono lake basin is a milestone along the way - incredible - the complete opposite of my west coast landscape.
on other fronts, i am knitting like crazy when not working. i finally picked up some patons soy wool stripes which is just gorgeous and i'm sure will be a great knit into another pair of fingerless gloves.

Monday, January 01, 2007

fresh and clean...

i like the new year - although i don't really make "resolutions" - i still usually feel ready to start fresh and new. this photo is actually from yesterday - unfortunately the weather today is a bit darker, wetter, and windier.
A has been up working on Mt. Cain for the holidays, so i went up to join him and a bunch of friends for new year's eve. there were the usual festivities, but five of us decided to make a special excursion for the midnight hour. at 10:30 in the evening we donned all our gear, four on snowshoes and one on skis, and headed out into the blizzard of the night. our goal was the top of the mountain by midnight. it wasn't especially cold, despite the light snow and driving wind that howled as we ascended up the steep hill. we didn't use our headlamps, finding the snow kept the world illuminated enough to keep us out of the trees. the going was steep and i can't claim i didn't complain a few times, sure i would never make the top. halfway up we stopped at the first liftie shed, cramming ourselves inside out of the wind for a round of beer and a short break. our pace was good, we were sure we would reach the top by 12.

once again we headed out - the second half was much steeper, but stopping let the wind buffet us unrelentingly. the snow sprayed against our faces. we had hoped for a night with a bright moon and stars, but somehow this made it seem more like a real mountain summit we were targeting, not just the shed at the top of the second t-bar.
we arrived with 10 minutes to spare - settled into the shed with more space than the last one, and counted our moments on the clock. at 12:00 we screamed over the wind.
on the way back down i could see the lights of the main lodge and cabins far below us in the snow. it looked warm and inviting, but where i was with friends was much better.