Tuesday, March 20, 2012

getting back to it...

cumulus reflected

incoming tide

two at the beach

a few shots from the weekend, a deep breath taken by the western sea. there was sideways rain, thundering hail, even a fresh dusting of snow our last morning. but in between there was also a good dose of vitamin d, beautiful sunshine to warm your bones, and possibly the most vibrant rainbow i have ever seen. there was also a bit of exploring, lots of good food and drink, and so much laughter.

as usual though, i'm having trouble getting back into it this week, so far feeling quite unfocused as the to-do list looms over me. it took all my energy last night to wrap up a few packages to head out in the post today. tonight though, i must get back to work.


a few things:
• i made these spicy lentil wraps last night for dinner - so tasty! (not to mention healthy after many goodies eaten on the weekend)
• it wasn't a total indulge fest though - i made this beet hummus to take along and it was awesome.
• have you seen the pieces Margie is working on right now? i'm in awe of this one especially.


Natalie B said...

oh man, that wrap recipe looks delish! I've been on the hunt for good lunch foods lately that aren't dinner leftovers or prepackaged soups.

Michaelanne said...

I have missed your pictures this week!!! BEAUTIFUL...you always get the most amazing shots..Thank you for the recipe links! I am definitely going to try them both:)

Margie Oomen said...

that looks and sounds like such an amazing weekend and your food choices are so me too:)

Anonymous said...

Chris from California:
Your photo today is spectacular and if I lived where you live, I don't think I could accomplish 1% of what you accomplish. My husband recently began the practice of "Time-boxing" where he is working on his "to do" list in 15 min. increments. Here's a link:


Also, thank-you for sharing your recipes!