Thursday, March 29, 2012

sometimes you gotta just run with it...

leatherback sea turtle

leatherback sea turtle

sea turtle pre-occupation continues. in this case sometimes an idea just comes to you, and you have to go with it, for better or worse. i hope this one was for the better.

i was thinking about other types of sea turtles on the coast, and kept coming back to the curious-looking leatherback turtle. in a fit of inspiration, i remembered a very well-loved handbag my mother had finally let go of, passing it on to me to see if i could do anything with the leather. it seemed to me it was the perfect material with which to construct a leatherback's carapace, not to mention in the perfect inky blue shade (leatherbacks range from grey to dark blue to black). not to mention the back side of the leather was a splotchy grey/blue, which worked well for the turtles belly. 's i couldn't help but set to work right away, other projects and to-do piles forgotten (sorry!).

he has a slightly dark countenance from the green sea turtle, perhaps because of his colour but also there is a look to his face. i like it though - i hope you do too? still i think he seems to have a pretty congenial personality on the whole. he is ready to plunge into the ocean-y depths with his hydrodynamic ridged back. i hope he appreciates it - my hand is still protesting a bit from sewing that leather! this turtle is now looking for a new home


but back to the to-do list. thanks to those of you keeping me busy! and really to all of you who stop by this space to visit - i do appreciate it. some other life changes might be happening around here, but it's too early to say anything about any of them (ETA - just so we're all clear, I am not having a baby or anything like that). here's hoping your week is going well!


also, please stop over at sew delicious for a little interview with me today. thanks Roslyn!


leFiligree said...

LOL "life changes" and "too early to tell", pre-congratulations?

love the new turtle. i love how you repurpose so cleverly!

Dawn Suzette said...

He is adorable!
Life changes!!!! You are a tease you know!?

Margie Oomen said...

your turtles are so full of personality
excited to hear more:)

Anonymous said...

this one is really adorable and it was a good idea to use up the leather from the bag. Life changes every day.....of course Im curious to read about the changes in your world...BTW I love your blog..and I stop by in daily routine :D.

Evening greetings from Germany

Netta said...

I remember that purse well. very nice for it to continue life on the back of your turtle.
Great interview on needle and thread too.

Roslyn said...

That leatherback - so wonderful, now I can't decide which turtle is my favourite! It was lovely having you over on my blog!

Rachel said...

I sort of adore both turtles...not sure I could pick a favorite between the two! These quite possible are my favorite of all the items I've seen you make so far.