Sunday, April 29, 2007

west coast weekend...

ah, tofino. who can complain when there is lots o' sun, sand, and the huge ocean to awe you? i just got back from a few days with friends; a little vacation to help me relax, and also to wish a friend well before she departs on a new life adventure.
today we went out whale watching, which we'd all done before, but only one of us on the west coast. i rarely get seasick, but three & 1/2 miles out in the pacific in a large rolling swell makes one feel very small and insignificant. and we did get lucky and see one grey whale, a few spouts piercing the surface and a large rolling barnacled back disappearing back down under. not a chance for photos, but as you can see, we had plenty of time with the california sea lions, noisy and smelly but fantastic all the same. hard to snap shots when i was trying to maintain my balance in the rolling seas, but think i got a few good ones.

and some recent knitting - these fingerless mitts are getting quite popular. these ones are for amanda, and she used them all weekend, but somehow i neglected to get a photo until we were in the car on the way home. and they are in fact modeled by kristie as amanda was driving. knit with superlana from lanagrossa, and based on the kew socks from knitty, this pattern was a neat leaf variation that was fun to knit, although a bit more challenging in the thicker yarn. i will be doing a follow up with the same yarn - a little pair of mitts for amanda's little daughter, but will probably go with a different pattern as i don't think this will work at such a small size.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

signs of industry...

i have always loved the seaspan barges - not sure why. something about those bright red boxes trudging along up the passage has always caught my eye. this one presented itself from a new angle and i snapped a few shots while on the ferry.

so much knitting...but nothing to show just yet.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

umm, april fools?

the day started out alright, and ambitiously (or idiotically) i thought it would be similar to the past few days - a bit chilly perhaps, but with some bright spring sunshine to make up for it. i ventured outside the house in a puffy vest and dared to go sockless in my crocs. yikes, what was i thinking? suffice it to say the trip home was a bit cold, with fat wet snowflakes sticking to every surface as some cruel april fools joke.
it is kind of pretty though, and mystifying to watch the thick white blizzard flying out of the sky. but a bit out of season here on the coast. oh well, i'm sure it will be gone tomorrow. happy april!