Friday, February 23, 2007

signs of life...

yup, spring is showing signs of springing, which make me very happy. favourite season, hands down, although i'm also fond of fall. caught sight of these miniature irises poking up in my sister's yard, along with the crocuses (croci?) below. buds are starting to appear on the trees, but there has also been lots of snow up in the mountains in the past week. i planted some seeds for yummy yellow cherry tomatoes and also some tomatillos, which are nesting comfortably in the living room window with lots of light to sprout. no way are those babies going outside just yet.

but then of course, west coast weather always throws you a little curveball. it has been sunny but cold today, but the clouds are voluminous and drifting wildly in the wind. and then what do you know - it was hailing - big fat balls layering the ground with white before quickly disappearing again. gotta love it.
on other notes, knitting hasn't been very productive lately. have lots of projects in mind but am lacking the motivation and the time. spending lots of time climbing, and helping out at the gym with school groups, which is kind of fun. set a route yesterday - if you get to On The Rocks, try "she's the one" and nice little arete climb, probably 8-9ish, we didn't grade it just yet.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

rainbows and then the wind blows...

i always seem to post the pretty day pictures when it is yucky and cold out - must be an attempt to cheer myself up. we went down to the beach today to check out the crashing waves, but it took only minutes to decide it was ridiculously cold and i wasn't going to take any pictures.
this rainbow, on the other hand, made my day on sunday while driving back from a visit with my sister and fam. the entire arc was visible for a little while, but even as i snapped shots i could see it fading away.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

south o' the border again...

i haven't had much say lately, or maybe i can claim i've been busy with work. nonetheless i thought i would share a couple of photos of my recent whirlwind trip to seattle. i was only there for two nights, and did not have much time to walk around, but the weather was very co-operative despite the forecast and saw a few sights and did a little shopping. i was extremely impressed with the REI flagship store in downtown, which included a waterfall/creek, lots of trees, and walking and biking trails, all in the midst of a bustling city. on the other hand, the crazy one way streets and poor signage made us curse while driving. then again, people were ridiculously helpful - i can't remember how many people asked if we were lost when we were spotted with a map in hand.

i was also quite fascinated with the experience music project building - designed by frank gehry. just amazing.
on more work notes, i have mostly finished (barring minor polishing) the new website for On the Rocks Climbing Gym - and if you are in the area you should definitely stop in - although i'm not a big fan of pulling plastic, it has been great for keeping me in shape over the wet season. as well, my personal website will be launched imminently - keep an eye on Pedersen Creative , and let me know if i can help with any design needs!