Sunday, March 23, 2008

travel snapshots...

around here spring is well on it's way. however, last week i was in ontario where the deep snow definitely makes winter still feel very close at hand. although i didn't get a chance to take as many shots as i would have liked, here are a few things that caught my eye.

st lawrence river, at prescott.

dock in the frozen harbour bordering the st lawrence, prescott.

stonework feature, parliament buildings, ottawa.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

the twisted end of the spectrum...

oh, so many things to post about, and lots of pics. have just returned from a week in the ottawa area and had a really great time. will share some photos soon, but to start, i finally finished my first project spectrum project:

yay for red mitts! you may have noticed in previous mentions i was looking for the perfect pattern, something a bit cabled, possibly some lace, and wonderfully long, and i've come out pretty happy on this one. you may recognize the middle lace pattern as one half of the baudelaire chart. in fact, the mitts are mirror images of each other, so each mitt uses one half. the lace is bordered on each side by a simple cable.

the fun part was the twisting. i knit these from the hands up, so on the first mitt i put in a k2tog and a m1 on either side of the cables and lace pattern, doing these stitches every second round. on the second mitt, i did m1 and ssk, so the mitt would twist the opposite way. tops and bottoms of the mitts are 4x2 rib. the main problem i found with knitting from the fingers up was that i had a lot more trouble adding in the thumb afterward than i normally do. i'm not completely happy with them, but the rest is so great i can live with it.

the yarn, as previously mentioned, is colinette jitterbug in morello mash. wonderful colour that i love endlessly, but the yarn itself i could take or leave. i've definitely used many softer fingering weights (although it may soften with washing), and i also encountered numerous knots in the skein, several ridiculously close together to have me gritting my teeth.

despite my love of red, this is likely my only project for the fire part of project spectrum, especially as the end of march looms quickly toward me. dare i admit that i've well into a project for april/may? not sure if that's allowed, but the green yarn was calling to me and socks were a perfect travelling project. but the earth months will be easy for me, so i'm sure there will be more projects to come. plus it's not hard to be in a green and brown mood - did i mention that it's spring here? i'm going to be starting garden plans this week, and i'm terribly excited about it!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

spring is calling...

you can definitely feel it in the air. it's a bit warmer, a bit more mild. i actually wore flip-flops the other day. this crocus shots were taken a week ago - our yard is full of them, mostly purple, with a few yellow ones glowing sunnily in between. not much else is going on yet, but that soon will change. we have been talking dreamily about the coming season and all the vegetables we will plant. i am eager to start some things indoors, but i am going away next week and figured i would wait to do until i return. but soon i will hopefully be filling this blog with images of fresh veggies bursting forth.

but to take an abrupt turn away from spring, next week i will be heading to ontario, where i hear winter is much less ready to release its clutches on the landscape. it will be an adventure, i'm sure, but will also make the spring weather that much more enjoyable upon my return.

my project spectrum project is well underway. these fingerless mitts combine a bit of lace along with some cables, and i'm very excited about the finished product. i am well into the second mitt, although the first still requires finishing touches (to thumb or not to thumb?), so i hope to have a more revealing image to show you soon. this colinette jitterbug is gorgeous, and perfect for ps.