Sunday, December 18, 2011

winter sun

winter sunset

sunlight through rockweed

winter sunset

such a beautiful late december day. almost warm in the air, a clear sky and a quiet wind. i picked up my niece and nephew late morning, and we sang along with christmas carols in the truck as we drove downtown. across on the ferry ride to my parents' home. with my dad, we found a tree for them, for us all to enjoy next weekend as we gather to celebrate. the kids conveniently disappeared while i did all the decorating, but the wafting smell of aebleskiver that my mom had cooked for a late lunch lured them back down. as the sun began to drop in the sky we took a little walk down to the beach, exploring the rocky shoreline. back up the road through the tall trees and a pause to give the alpacas some freshly fallen fir branches for snacking. we headed back across on the ferry just as the light was disappearing, and i dropped the kids back off at their home before my journey south, the christmas songs still playing.

hope you had a relaxing weekend. mine was pretty calm, although now i am eyeing this last week and tallying up the remainders on my lists. should be a full one. back again tomorrow to share a little something i knit for myself, when i should have been busy with stuff for others. oops.


did you enter jillian's christmas tree photo contest? you should. here's my entry.


Margie Oomen said...

unbelievable beauty

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

gah k, your photos kill me. Just beautiful.

Rachel said...

Ah, such beautiful light...