Thursday, December 29, 2011

two with teeth...

double the teeth

two sharks

 as mentioned, i made a couple ocean beasties for my two youngest nephews. and here they are - sharks! i was sure these energetic little boys (3 & 5) would like these agile ocean creatures with their mouthful of teeth, and happily, i was right. these are loosely modelled on salmon sharks, although i kept the details simple with little embellishment so they could stand up to regular play. one is constructed with repurposed grey canvas, the other denim, and both have soft cotton undersides. i stitched the gills and open mouths with teeth. i would like to try and make some more for the shop, but with more detail and texture, layers and stitching.

and in case you were interested, i did make a cape for the cat - a small reversible one so she could have two looks. my niece happily carried it around hugged to her chest, along with a stuffed puppy she received (of course dogs and cats can be the best of friends!).

wishing you a happy and restful weekend to cap off the year and welcome in the new!


other things:
>>> Tara's calming post has reminded me to enjoy these last couple days of the year, and i hope it does the same for you.
>>> while i rarely get too crazy for new years, i think these blood orange gin sparklers would be a perfect drink for the big night.
>>> and i'm kind of all cookie and sweet treated-out from the holidays, but these pb chocolate swirls are pretty darn tempting.


Els said...

Many more "beasts" in a happy new year

Tara said...

Is it just me or are these guys smiling? I'm not surprised that your nephews loved them. Glad to hear that your niece and the cat have also bonded. Happy New Year, k.

Annie said...

They are so completely awesome!! Can't wait to see what you come up with the next time you make some sharks.