Saturday, December 03, 2011


blue eyes


a little seasonal shift on this end, coming into december. the fog and swell studio (so, my living room) is now a bit more santa's workshop as i craft gifts for my family this month. i promise, there'll be more west coast creatures soon, but first i could use your opinion on something. last weekend while grilling my niece on what she might like for christmas, she unexpectedly requested a stuffed toy, a kitty to be exact. huh. i wrinkled my nose about it for a few days, cats not being an animal i'd every really considered crafting. but in between knitting the same toque 2 1/2 times (why are the 'simplest" gifts often the hardest?) i started working on an idea. this little cat is mostly machine-stitched for durability, out of cotton fleece (inside out) and repurposed purple wool, plus some other purple accents.

what do you think? will an eight year old girl want to cuddle up with this feline? i kind of like it, but then sometimes i'm not sure it looks like a cat. i am a little concerned she is actually thinking of one of those ultra fluffy stuffed kitties from a toy store. i'd love to think my niece would be thrilled with a handmade item rather than something generic from a box store, but more often than not my sister and her family are not those people. my niece is one of the sweetest little girls i know, but i want something she will actually like, not just pretend to like to save my feelings. am i over thinking this?


• i think i need to make a bunch of these pretty heart bookmarks as stocking stuffers.
• i've been adding lights and candles around the house to give some warmth in these dark days. loving this hanging candle arrangement.
• this chickpea stew could be perfect for cold days.


SachitaBean said...

I second-guess every handmade item I give as a gift, and the recipients are always thrilled with them. Your kitty (no question there, btw!) has so much more personality than a fluffy toy store one, I'm sure your niece will love it. This cat is definitely looking for an adventure.

leFiligree said...

your niece will think it is totally special, even if she was thinking of a store-bought kitty. its got the nose, the eyes, the ears and tail of a kitty, and you made it especially for her! that goes a long way, in my experience.

Anonymous said...

I am sure she will LOVE it! I do:) It will be a real treasure for her..

Laura said...

Give her a name and a back story, and she'll be hooked!

Caitlin said...

I think it's adorable and she will love it! I feel like she needs some kind of accessory though, like a collar maybe? Little girls love dressing things up, even cats :) And cats like fish right?

I have several handmade toys that I have treasured for many years. She'll love it.

Dawn Suzette said...

I consulted a peer for you.
Fionna is eight and she swooned for this kitty... and she is not a kitty person. Your niece will love it! It is adorable!

Tara said...

k, I understand the feelings of doubt when giving a hand made gift but you should have no doubts that your niece will love the kitty. I love the kitty and her pretty purple ears too.

Gabrielle said...

I would love this kitty! That being said, you have to imagine what kind of play it is for. If I was 8 years old again, I might like a doll-cat, something like the ones Mimi Kirchner makes, with a dress and a little jacket or something :) Playing dress up and having adventures with my Monkey pal was an important part of my childhood. He wore a ribbed sweater under corderoy overalls and I loved his little outfit so much.