Sunday, December 11, 2011

shortest days...

stained glass seaweed


sunset, 3:49 pm

environment canada says sunset was at 4:20 today, but i watched the sun disappear behind the hills at 3:49 pm. these last few days before the solstice and the slow return to light seem awfully short, little glimpses of daylight between the long, cold nights. happily the sun has been celebrating the brief time it is above the horizon, keeping away the rain clouds as it glints through the trees and over the bay. warming my face as my boots navigate carefully over the sand and rocks along the shore, nodding at folks here and there also out for some fresh air. once it slips below the mountains though, the temperature drops immediately, icing my skin as i tuck tighter into my thick sweater and head back to the truck under the pink glow of the sky.

my fingers are crossed for a bit of snow soon though; a white christmas is such a rarity around here. or at least some fresh snow up on the ski hill - i haven't been up for a first run even though it opened a week ago, although neither have they had new snow since before the opening. i'm holding out for more snow with the price of a lift ticket these days.

tonight is the third night of advent...this month is just flying by, isn't it? i made some good progress on my handmade gifts today, and my mind is buzzing with new ideas for the shop. in fact, an ocean beastie emerged today that i would like to delve into again soon, with more details and stitching, some delicate fabrics and layers. this one is for a nearly-three-year-old, so i kept the shape simple and durable. i think he needs a partner in crime though, for my young nephew's partner in crime: his five year old brother. there will be lots to share in the new year.

for now i will plug along in these shortest of days, and knitting and stitching under the twinkling lights at night. i hope a little sunshine is brightening your days too, adding a calm and peace in this reflective time of year.


Unknown said...

Goodness I love your pictures! The sun is setting around 9 30ish at night over here! haha, Its strange to think that it is so different for you.
Can't wait to see your creative stichings, they sound wonderful.

Margie Oomen said...

those photographs are pure unadulterated magic
the short day was even more evident in Boston on the weekend. They use eastern standard time for business reasons, i gather but really the time should be an hour earlier than here in ontario based on the light.

Dawn Suzette said...

A lovely account of the darkening days.
The kids are excited for solstice.. we are going to be measuring their shadows, when the sun gives us a peek at noon, over the next few weeks.
Happy stitching!

Netta said...

OH such great photos! I can feel the cold nip.
And the mom of those little boys is as excited in anticipation as they will be to see your creations.