Monday, December 19, 2011

hat for the holidays...

something for me

something for me

as mentioned yesterday, i took a little time out from gift making to knit a cozy new toque for me. looking at my to-do pile, that was maybe not the wisest decision, but there it is. and here is my new hat. inspired by jenny's fjord hat, this knit up quickly in a wonderfully soft merino, with nylon in it that gives it a wonderful shimmer and shine. (too bad it doesn't show in these photos.) I knitted it a bit longer so that it would have a slouchy profile. I'm a sucker for shimmer at any time, but I think this toque will be especially good at this time of year, for outings during these days filled with sparkle and glow.

full details on ravelry.



other things:
>>> i just discovered the lost swell blog, and i'm in love with robert morrisey's seaside photos.
>>> the new issue of b.a.h. magazine is out. lots of seasonal beauty to eye.
>>> if i can find a bit more time, i think i will make up some hand salve to gift to a few folks.
>>> but first, i'm off to the kitchen to make some orangettes. i made them last year and they were delicious, so i know they'll be enjoyed by my snacking family this weekend.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the great links! Beautiful holiday hat!

Dawn Suzette said...

Super cute hat. I can understand the desire to make for oneself this time of year. Funny... now I am up till midnight making for the kiddos!
Off to check out those links.
Happy Holidays!

artist in the arctic said...

love that hat!!

Jacey said...

Your new hat is beautiful! I fully support your choice to pause the to-do list. We need that sometimes!

And the winter images in the post below are beautiful, and so foreign to my Texan mind. ;)

The Noisy Plume said...

I have loved loved LOVED Lost Swell for a full year now (though, keep this our little secret, I preferred the East Coast captures...).

Lovely hat!

Tara said...

Love the hat, k. I've been thinking I need to knit myself a new toque. Perhaps over Christmas. Thanks for the link to the orangettes. I think they would make great teachers' gifts too.