Sunday, December 04, 2011


in wait



a great blue heron, waiting, infinitely still. fishing as the tide ebbs in the bay, near river's mouth. aware of everything around, but never showing a flicker of expression, even as i crept closer and closer, eventually stopping at about 25 feet when the water curtailed my path. a majestic creature. i'm contemplating the possibilities in stitches and ragged fabrics...


sometimes i don't seem to have a good off button when crafting, like a glutton not recognizing when they are full. a manic obsession of sorts - just one more knit row, just a few more stitches. yesterday there was a lot of stitching, and a fair bit of knitting to top it up. i woke in the darkness this morning, quickly aware of the ache in my fingers, the dull throb in my wrists. winter is the worst time, even when buried under the covers, coddled in downy warmth. i am not complaining, just trying to note my problem, almost as a firm reminder to myself to take a rest now and then. i don't notice the pain while i work and so i ignore it until it flares up in clawed fingers later.

today i think there will be a lot less stitching, knitting. a small pause in the to-do list. a late late breakfast at a favourite local spot with the man. hopefully a walk in the crisp air. the packaging of some items set to ship to their new owners. maybe a touch of drawing in the recently neglected sketchbook. but maybe, this evening...i could finish up that toque?

wishing you a restful sunday.


Margie Oomen said...

i love those birds especially when i catch a glimpse of one flying overhead with those long legs held straight behind.
I know the overuse feeling you are describing ( crochet is the worst offender for me) and manage it with cross training in hand sewing and knitting.

The Noisy Plume said...


Tara said...

I wish I had the patience of a heron. Hope your fingers are feeling better.