Saturday, December 10, 2011

nearly winter...

in progress

Amanda said it so well the other day: "it's the curse of the december blogger - so much going on, nothing I can tell you about." that is definitely a lot of the situation around here, many projects on the go but not much to be shared.

little ones

morning in the forest

this morning i stayed in bed a bit late after A left early for work, finishing up the last pages of my book so i could return it to the library on time today. after finally getting up i felt a bit foggy and unfocused so i headed out for a walk in the nearby woods. the cold air helped clear my head as i listened to the gurgling creek and the calls of ravens and chickadees in the canopy. i thought too i had picked out the lonesome hoots of an owl far off in the trees, but now i wonder if it was just the imitations of the trickster raven amongst their amazing repertoire of noises. the woods are shouldering that in between of autumn and winter, not quite one or the other. i am hoping the snow in the forecast for next week will actually appear, and give us a bit of winter blanket before the holidays.

now tucked in for a bit at home, wrapped in a cozy shawl and working away at a last minute custom order plus the seemingly not shrinking gift list. a cup of tea seems in order, and plugging in of the indoor christmas lights for a bit of sparkle and glow. i feel like i'm fighting a bit of something, so it seems like a perfect night to make the 30-clove garlic soup from the current issue of whole living (sorry, the recipe doesn't seem to be posted online). that and some crusty bread, maybe a glass of wine, sounds like a perfect evening with my man.

hope you're having a cozy weekend too.


p.s. i can't get this lovely new song from first aid kit out my head. love it.


Els said...

Well, have fun and be creative, with or without pictures ! (I think every blogger has the same experience ....)
The woods are great (as always)
Have a good weekend too ... are you on the "right side" for the lunar eclipse ?

Anonymous said...

That book is pretty heavy duty, but the dinner sounds divine - enjoy. V

leFiligree said...

ravens are so tricky!! get well soon so you're feeling great for the holidays. maybe some hot glogg to cure you?

Unknown said...

i'm so glad you shared the precious fungi.. so perfect!!

yup such a fun busy month December.. and we feel the pull towards the end of another year'. feels like so much to do ..2012 yay!!.. love the sound of the garlic soup :)

Rachel said...

That's why I love the blog world in January...a catch up on all the craftiness we couldn't post in December!

How did you like that book? I've had it on my to read pile for quite a long time but haven't yet cracked it open. D Fossey is the reason I became a wildlife biologist...but have been wondering how FM did the story.

I'll look up that recipe...just started to subscribe to Whole Living and it rapidly turned into one of my favorite magazines.

Margie Oomen said...

sounds absolutely perfect