Tuesday, December 13, 2011

greyscale morning...

frosted fungi


a new visitor


the world is rendered in sharp contrasts this morning, a black and white world as the stark shapes of bare trees are outlined against a white sky and the subtle colours of winter are hidden under a light snowy blanket. it seemed a good time to have a black and white post, to capture a little of that feeling, even if there isn't any actual snow in these photos.

the frost has been heavy these last few days, lingering on the ground all through the day where the sun doesn't touch. it's cold, but so beautiful to see it on the grass and fallen leaves, even on the mushrooms that are still stubbornly poking up on the lawn. and the cold has made the birds busy at the feeder, snatching up sunflower seeds and hanging off the suet. unfortunately there is a new visitor at the feeder too - a little red squirrel. i can't say i'm impressed; that's not who i was looking to feed this winter, edging out the little chickadees for some seeds.

on a completely different note, jillian has inspired me to try and take more self portraits. she takes such lovely ones, so i'm sure my attempts will pale in comparison. here i am making pizza for dinner. [a little side tangent: is anyone else alarmed and dismayed that the US congress has declared pizza a vegetable? ummm, maybe if it was the kind of pizza i make (last night's version was loaded with mushrooms, bell pepper & lots of spinach, which isn't even a really vegetable-y one for me), but have you seen the ingredient list for school pizzas (follow the above link)? i don't even know if i'd call that pizza, let alone a vegetable. what a sad state of things, is all i can say.] but back to the SP - who knows, you might see more of me around these parts! you can also see that our tiny kitchen is used to store mountain bikes and SUP paddles (the storage room to the left is also stacked full of all kinds of outdoor gear).

keep warm on this wintry morn! (or enjoy the summer day, if you are far down south!)


Heather M. said...


I have been reading your blog for a little while now and enjoy it immensely. I love your work.

Be happy about the red squirrel. They are the native squirrels here and are being crowded out by the grey ones.

If you don't want him eating the bird seed you could provide him with some corn cobs or peanuts, just for him.

I live on the mainland and have never seen a red squirrel!

threadworks.ca (not up and running yet.)

Margie Oomen said...

loving the black and white and grey

kate (littlehouse) said...

love a lived in kitchen and black and white shots. hate that pizza could be considered a vegetable!

leFiligree said...

oh dear, congress has dome it again. good thing our school qualifies for free fresh fruit and vegetable snacks--another govt program--to cancel out this blunder

Tara said...

The black and white photos are beautiful, k. Love the self-portrait as well. I wish I was more comfortable taking my own photo.

Rachel said...

How much do I love that you are cooking in a wool hat? That is me through and through. (I make pizza every Saturday night and it can probably be called a vegetable too!).