Monday, December 05, 2011

modern boro...

new/old skirt

evolution skirt

evolution skirt - back

remember this? the evolution of my old jeans has progressed into my new skirt. i am continually awed by the care and recycling genius (albeit out of extreme poverty and necessity) of traditional boro stitching from japan. (if you want to revel in amazing boro garments and household items, visit the sri threads blog.) anyway, a lot of my stitching work lately reflects that boro inspiration, and this jeans into skirt was no exception. i don't currently have any indigo dyed fabrics, but i like to think that the many shades of denim, plus some linen, helps capture that indigo feel. this skirt too, i hope, captures some of the frugal mindset behind japanese boro, and the desire to make do, rather than buying something new. i loved these jeans for a long time, and when they developed some unfortunate holes, i put them aside, resisting the urge to cut them up to use in my whales and other creatures like i do with so many other pairs of jeans from the thrift store. i wanted to preserve them somehow. finally, i decided on this skirt. i have actually made a skirt like this before, but i like this new version a lot more. i think it is more finished looking and other than the original jean construction is all hand stitched. and this is just one stage, i think. i can see more patches coming, as i examine the thin and worn spots. i take that approach to most of my handmade clothing...always a work in progress. a continuing evolution. a good process for reinvention, recycling. making new out of something old.

and of course i wore the full length skirt to the beach...i am not always so practical about such things.

sort of

thank you all for your feedback about the little cat. you made me feel better about it and i am looking forward to giving it to her in just a few short weeks. i think i will add a little collar or cape for decoration, as i know little girls love to play dress up.

also, if you're curious, the sweater i'm wearing (seen best in the top photo) is this one.


speaking of fabrics and textures:
• have you seen the new holiday shimmer collection over at martha mcquade's scarf shop?
• and i'm smitten with jillian's new bolero, which i'm delighted to see comes from an artist on an island just a wee bit south of my home.


The Noisy Plume said...

That is a a beautiful skirt.
You have a pretty bum.

Dawn Suzette said...

This is great K. Love making something new from something loved. A beautiful new life.

Tara said...

Beautiful skirt, k. I am not a stitcher but you make me want to try boro stitching. Maybe in the new year.

kate said...

That skirt is wonderful!

Myriam said...

Love the skirt. Since I read your post I've already started ripping apart an old pair of jeans I didn't want to get rid of. Thanks for the inspiration!

kate (littlehouse) said...

you've inspired me to boro myself a strip to lengthen an ancient denim mini that I never wear because nowadays I feel too exposed. even with tights. especially with tights. I have a horror of subjecting anyone to a glimpse of gusset :)

Margie Oomen said...

i think my daughters and i will be hunting through the attic for old well loved and worn out jeans to reinvent