Tuesday, July 17, 2012



>> summer days are long, but fly by so quickly. so much to pack into each moment. the days seem busy here, both with work and with life. and yet i've not much to say at the moment. i have quite a few photos to post, but i just don't feel like it, yet.

>> above are the continuing theme i'm playing around with, from here. so far these are all 'edible' mushrooms, but i suspect there will be others that are decidedly not.

>> i am working on a humpback for a custom order, and i thought i might as well make another at the same time. but that might be the last humpback for a little bit - i'm feeling the need to take a break from these fellas and focus on some other creatures. so that being said, if you were looking for a humpback anytime in the near future, send me a note (fogandswell [at] gmail [dot] com) if you would like dibs when it is done.

>> yesterday evening i went and visited the owlies for the first time in well over a week. i saw both adults although neither felt very photogenic. i thought i heard one of the owlets, but couldn't find them in the treetops. later than evening sitting in the living room, a noise tickled my ear through the open window, above the sound of the tv and the dog barking next door. stepping outside into the darkness, i heard that distinctive hiss up in one of the trees edging the yard. did somebody follow me home? their forest home is over four blocks from mine, although that is certainly not above their hunting range. i wonder too if it was one of the babes ranging a bit further from home as they test their wings. barred owls stay under the tutelage of their parents for about four months, longer than most owls, but they surely are starting to think about their own territory that they will generally set up within 10 miles of their original nest. anyway, nature nerd rambling, but it was cool to listen to an owl friend in the quiet of my own backyard, even if i couldn't see it in the dark.

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Lovely mushrooms!