Monday, July 23, 2012


amanita muscaria


we had some heavy rain showers yesterday. (i was even going to share a little video of the rain, but flickr is being extremely uncooperative with uploading.) in between the rain showers i ventured into the woods, and found that something had popped up through the moss. autumn's not even a whisper on the horizon, but the fungi are slowly but surely piling up around the house. they will be coming to the shop soon enough, just not yet. i haven't quite decided how to list them just yet. singles? little groupings? i am thinking the latter, maybe as edibles, and then those like the one above that are decidely not...edible. what do you think?


Caitlin said...

So cute :) When I was little I always thought of red mushrooms as imaginary (Alice in Wonderland, etc.) because we never see them where I live.
I think singles and groupings would be great. People like collections as much as one larger, special piece.


Anonymous said...

Loving every mushroom, edible or not. :-)

kate said...

I ventured out between showers (I thought) to pick raspberries in the backyard. Then the rain came. It was quite fun to pick the berries and get quickly soaked :)

I agree with Caitlin, although how you'll chose which ones to group and which ones to offer singly I can't imagine!

Michaelanne said...

Wow!! Pure majic K:)