Thursday, July 05, 2012

black bear 2.0

black bear 2.0

black bear 2.0

little black bear has been hanging around the shop for a while now, and i started to think he must be hungry. really that was no vague assumption - bears are always hungry. the other night little bear was prepped for surgery, as it were, and now i think he looks much happier with the prospect of a tasty meal right in front of his nose. this silvery salmon is stitched up in some natural dyed silks, fat and full. as an extra reward for being such a brave bear, i also gave him a handsome cedar cordage to wear around his neck, reminding him of his ancient forest home.

little bear looked so happy with his fish that he found a new home almost immediately, but i think there might be more like him in the near future, possibly some more grizzlies and spirit bears too. i love the silvery salmon, but i think it might also be fun to make some with a red and green spawning sockeye, as the fish start to think about their late summer journey up their home rivers. summer seems to have finally arrived here (knock on wood) so it's perhaps sacriligeous to contemplate the changing rhythms of the next season. but i've been thinking about the forests and rivers a lot recently, and plotting a variety of creatures that thrive in that ecosystem.

but for now, time to get to my day job, and then hopefully enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine that has arrived just in time to head into the weekend. hope you're having a beautiful day too.


Els said...

What a wonderful little bear !

Margie Oomen said...

it is beautiful and warm here
off to ottawa for the weekend to visit with family

rebecca said...

well, that didn't take long! your little bear found a meal and a new home. :) what a great idea.

Jacky said...

Wonderful..... I love my little bear with his cedar cordage too. I hope he's not hungry too.

I love your grizzly and spirit bears too. will have to keep an eye on your shop.

Jacky xox

kate said...

I am so happy to see the sunshine. So very happy!

Erin said...

he is the sweetest!!

happy weekending. :)

Maggie said...

I love this new addition! It gives him so much character.