Monday, July 02, 2012

in progress...

hat in progress

logwood dyeing

old & new

little rocks

that title could probably describe a lot of things in my life right now, or just my life in general, but i feel it particularly describes how i'm feeling about crafting these days. nothing is flowing especially well, and my inspiration feels just out of reach. i feel like i've been giving you this story for a while now. sorry if you're tired of it. but that's okay, it'll come. or it won't. at this time i think i'm okay with that ebb and flow. i'm never gonna call myself an artist - i'm just a girl who makes things once in a while, when the mood strikes me. and when it doesn't, well, i've got other things to do.

all that said, there are a few things on the go around here:
>> this continued rainy weather has me playing with wool a fair bit. right now i'm working on this golden autumn hat pattern, although i'm calling mine 'grey summer' for obvious reasons.
>> i did a bit of logwood dyeing last week. i got a variety of purples on cotton, linen and silk - the darkest near black on the silk. i attempted a bit of shibori folding on the piece of linen, which was previously dyed lightly with madder. and the big piece of cotton gauze i'm hoping to make into a dress.
>> finally finished up a humpback whale for a custom order. it is closer to the older style of my humpbacks than the more recent ones i have done - i think i like them both ways.
>> and a custom request for some ochre stars on a rock led me to make a second one (in front in the photo) that went into the shop today.
>> speaking of the shop, you can now find the crab & fish and deer & owl sets from my collaboration with Abby Glassenberg.

are you making anything these days?


bellalily said...

I think you are undervaluing what you do - your animals are wonderful and really evoke the feel of the sea. Also if i could knit that hat, it would be wonderful - at the moment i cannot seem to keep count of anything with a pattern. Remember you can only do what you can do and give yourself permission to have a break if that is what you need. Take care -

Margie Oomen said...

i have been working more than usual due to the recent cut backs in health care in ontario and in my free time spending as much time as possible outdoors and with my darling lili. The little bit of making I have been doing is a gift for a friend.

Jacky said...

Those fabrics are BEAUTIFUL (I wish you sold little packs). Love your new hat you are knitting, beautiful colour and twist that yarn.
I have been knitting fingerless gloves.

Jacky xox

Michaelanne said...

K..Your work is always beautiful and inspiring! You are an ARTIST..and a wonderful one at that! I have not made anything lately..working so many hours! Exhausting 12 hour after another! In my time off, I have been sitting by the pool..watching Zach..grow..right in front of my eyes!

Tara said...

Ebb and flow is good, k. Admittedly, for most of the past year, most of my creating/making has been of the soapy kind. This is good but I felt like i had lost my inspiration for any other kind of making. Lo and behold, it has returned without me having to do anything and I am so enjoying the little bit of stitching I am able to fit into my days.

Sandra Dunn said...

Love the starfish! I just finished a butterfly painting and going to start on a flower piece for the bedroom.