Saturday, July 07, 2012

the eagle show...

eagle totem

got it!


drying off

my fish

some more eagle shots from our boat trip last saturday. for a few weeks each year, the bald eagles flock to the churning tidal rapids near stuart island, where the strong late spring currents pull small white hake up from the depths below. the fish basically get the bends from coming up to the surface too quickly and die, leaving their poor little bloated bodies floating on the surface - an eagle (and gull, and seal) feast. the eagles congregate on the surrounding islands in the dozens, sometimes hundreds, soaring over  the water and swooping down to pick up an easy meal. it is a fantastic experience to sit in a boat in the midst of it with eagles and gulls all around, quiet but for the rush of the rapids and the occasional high-pitched call of an eagle. in between catches the eagles perch on the surrounding trees and try to dry out their wings from the rain showers moving through.

>>> in case you wondered, the eagles without white heads are juveniles - they can take up to six years to change their plumage to the distinctive black with white head and tail.


i am heading out shortly for an overnight trip to my parents' home on their island off my own big island. it will be a busy adventure, with my niece and nephew and their not-so-wee-anymore puppy in tow while my sister and husband attend a wedding. with this sunshine i'm sure an afternoon at the beach will be in order. maybe i'll even get out on my paddleboard. hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


joanie said...

They're so majestic! Wonderful shots, their eyes are really wise looking. Have a lovely weekend.

Margie Oomen said...

you and your camera are amazing

jenny said...

These are so amazing! I love the shot of the eagle with the white background. Are these all taken with your new lens? So do you like it? I've been curious.