Friday, July 20, 2012

wild friday night...

Making stock

Tomato sauce



yup, that's me, always the party animal. but as the starks* say, 'winter is coming' and while i'm not ready for that season anytime soon, i am definitely up for putting by some food to enjoy in the midst of it.  anyway, A is away climbing a mountain and i decided to spend a good portion of this evening in the kitchen.

on my way home i took a detour out to a local farm and filled a basket full of veggies. most will be enjoyed now, but some carrots found their way in with leeks and garlic scapes and a couple of chicken carcasses (i keep them in the freezer until i'm ready) to brew up a savoury stock. i'll freeze it in batches to make soup this fall. in case you are looking for a vegetarian stock, i should also mention i usually keep a batch of this homemade veggie bouillon in the freezer too, for flavouring soups and just about anything else.

i also brought home a 20lb box of tomatoes, and got to chopping them up to make a simple sauce to jar and freeze. i could can them, but i don't have the proper equipment and i do have the freezer space, so laziness wins! my pot fit less than half of the tomatoes in the box, so i will do another batch tomorrow, and probably also make some soup that i will eat sooner. some fresh kale and garlic scapes found their way into the food processor with walnuts, lemon and oil to make some pesto. i freeze it in meal-sized portions that i'll add parmesan and more olive oil to later.

and the last shot shows something i won't be eating, although in theory i could. some grated beeswax melted in almond oil in a bain marie, which is then whipped into water to make body lotion. i think i've mentioned it before but i use this recipe. tonight i scented it with chai tea and vanilla oil - yum.

now what am i gonna do the rest of the weekend? and how about you?

*that is a complete tangent, but i'm well into the first book right now.

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kate said...

The fourth book is in transit to me right now according to the library site!!