Friday, July 27, 2012

into the wind...



into the wind

big sky

a friday night paddle down at the spit. i sensed the weather was a little more inclement than expected as i watched the wind move up the river while driving home over the main bridge through downtown. we headed out to the beach anyway. our boards threatened to take off without us as i loosened the tie-down straps on the roof of the truck, and we set them up while watching a kite surfer catch air in the bay. we were on the lee side of the spit, but as soon as we paddled away from shore we were swept up in the waves, gliding downwind at a quick pace. we decided on a short route, knowing the return journey would take much longer. the mountains across the bay were hidden in temperamental weather, the sun streaking through above the deep blue clouds below. waves bumped us from behind, tempting us into an almost-surf every few strokes. once we turned around though, things slowed down as we suddenly fought against the wind. water washed across my deck, threatening to take my flip-flops into the sea. a pause in paddling meant quick loss of ground. the goal seemed incredibly far away, and forward progress seemed negligible. yet bit by bit the houses on the near shore slid behind us, and the beach ahead beckoned. at last i dipped my feet in shallow water and we found our way back up the sand.


come back tomorrow. there is not one but two mischievous little creatures i want to share with you.


Erin said...

i love how you write about the outdoors and paddleboarding ... i felt like i was right there facing the waves too.

it must be such a physically satisfying activity. happy weekend, k!!

Margie Oomen said...

that looks like fun

Brittan said...

oh, so envious!
looks beautiful out there in the peacefulness of the ocean...
i love these shots.