Saturday, June 23, 2012


summer of dyeing continues

lots of puttering as usual on a saturday. above you can see some recent results out of the dye jars. the gray-greens on the left are from cherry & plum leaves mixed with a bit of iron, the middle greeny-yellows are from domestic carrot tops, and the greens on the right are from fennel. i knew when i threw the fennel into the pot that i didn't have much dye material to work with, and after a few days sitting in a jar i could see i wasn't getting much colour. so on a whim i added a little iron mordant which helped darken the colour up a little, especially on the wool. always an experiment!

other things on the go today:
>> trip to the farmers market to get some fresh veggies.
>> mordanting a bunch of other fabric for future dyeing (did some tannin pre-mordanting last night, alum acetate and alum sulfate today...again, experimenting with different ideas).
>> bread rising by the heater (which is on - hello, summer?).
>> made some pesto (some for now, some to freeze) with fresh garlic scapes and spinach from the farmers market.
>> a little weeding in the garden
>> my truck heard that i had spent money on something else last week (more on that later) and so i'm off to the mechanic shortly to see why it's making that funny noise all of a sudden. always...
>> planning to make some more of my favourite granola bars later.
>> eyeing those custom orders that i've been neglecting this week. i think after i finish them i will be making a switch in creative direction for a bit. did i mention you can still get 25% off in the shop until the end of June?
>> and speaking of creatures, you can still take home the lovely deer & owl set.

wishing you all a happy saturday!

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Claire said...

Beautiful shades.