Saturday, June 09, 2012

barefoot & fancy free...

the view from here

barefoot & fancy free

playing around

on the sand

incoming tide

little gaps opened in the greyness of friday morning, slowly widening into a broad expanse of blue sky in the afternoon. when i left work the sun was bright and warm, welcoming me into the weekend. the tide was on its way in when i hit the beach, but there was still enough sand here and then to wiggle my toes in it and feel the lick of salt water on them. a brilliant sort of early summer evening, a peaceful bit of time alone to contemplate the start of another year. too quickly though i had to put my shoes back on, to navigate my way across the seaweed-slicked and barnacle-covered rocks back above the waterline. while it lasted, it was a very good walk.

on my way home along the river estuary, i spotted a couple eagles hell-bent on their destination and i eyed them as best i could while steering my own route along the road. i took a left into a fish & chip stand with circling gulls above. a little woman from the adjacent fishmonger was standing on the edge of the yard with her bucket of scraps, winging them into the air and the beach below. she left and the eagles and i waited, unsure whether dinner was over. after a few moments she came back again, her bucket heavy with salmon heads and scraps. i stood with her at the chainlink fence as she tossed pieces high into the air, and between the gulls and crows bald eagles swooped low over our heads to their targets landing on the sand. the whoosh as they passed a few feet over my head made my skin tingle. a few of them quarreled mid-air over their prize, wheeling with claws outstretched. far too quickly the moment was over, the woman headed back to work without a word.

>>> how goes your weekend?


Jenni said...

The start of your Summer looks so fine. To see those eagles swooping so close must have been an awesome spectacle, what a gift.

Erin said...

i would have loved the eagle display, not something i see here!

your beach day looked awesome, happy week ahead (now that i'm reading this late into the end of the weekend )