Friday, June 29, 2012

poppytalk summer colours week: blue

alert bay





capping off the week of colour - thanks for joining me as i look through some old shots and revisit moments along my journey.

start of a long weekend here in canada, although i am working a little bit on sunday (helping out with a canada day parade in fact). i'm hoping there will be some adventures here and there, and maybe even the sun will pop out to say hello. it certainly doesn't feel much like summer around here, hasn't really for more than a day or two at a time. even the resolute west coasters such as myself are getting a bit tired of the whole thing. won't you send a bit of summer our way?

anyway, off again to enjoy a bit more blue i think, an end of week walk at the shore. back tomorrow!

ETA - okay, i may not get a chance to blog tomorrow. am squeezing onto a boat tour before heading to a birthday party so my day may disappear before i know it, but hopefully instead i will have more wildlife photos to share with you soon!


Margie Oomen said...

love love love your ocean blues
We have summer galore here in ontario so I will try to package some up to send your way but not sure it will arrive before the weekend is done

Heather M. said...

Beautiful pictures. I hope it doesn't rain on your parade, but it's not looking good today. I usually try to find a friend with children and join them to watch the parade.

netta said...

love the colors this week!

leFiligree said...

these blues are just what i needed: restful and creative :)

joanie said...

k all your colour week photos are just stunning. It's not simply your wonderful surroundings, you have a great eye for images!