Friday, June 01, 2012

clearing the cobwebs...



rockweed & varnish clam

beach still life

a wild day at the beach, also seen in this video. a day when it rained all day and i was glad when there was a break to escape to the shore. i was home alone and tired of my own company, but the rush of wind on the beach cleared the cobwebs from my head. you can tell the season has shifted though, when a windy walk at the beach isn't that cold, and the light hangs late into the evening. slowly, surely, summer is finding a foothold. sometimes it's hard to remember that when it won't stop raining.


A and i are heading out of town today after work, a quick trip to the mainland where towering walls of granite rise up from the windswept waters of the sound. crossing my fingers for a little break with the weather so we can slip on our sticky rubber shoes and climb some rock. but if not, we will explore and visit with good friends. a little break from the busy pace that has been taking over lately, another sort of cobweb clearing.

wishing you all an adventurous weekend.

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Erin said...

sounds awesome, and sounds like a 'chief encounter'!! hee-hee.

wish you were heading southeast instead and we could say hi!!

i hope the weather holds for you and that you climb away more cobwebs. our (new) friends (and annie's good friends) live up that way and love to climb...who knows you may cross paths some day.

have a nice break from the busy you've had. so nice to read your comment this morning :)