Monday, June 18, 2012

collector collaboration

Forest set

this set of forest creatures is a collaboration between Abby Glassenberg and i. both are stitched from hand dyed brown wool and vintage flour sack. the owl measures 6.5" tall, and the deer 16". these are one of a kind creatures and a collector's set made by two artists. you can read more details about this set here.

this collector's set is available for $120 plus shipping. if you would like to bring these pieces home, you can buy them right here:

Ocean Set

the ocean set of a rock crab by me and fish by Abby is available over on Abby's blog. they are constructed from cottons and linens hand dyed by me with madder (plus a few accent fabrics).

i love how the pieces for each set are complimentary, but each reflect our own style of construction. it was really neat to see another maker's style and sewing techniques.

thanks so much for following along on our collaboration!

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