Thursday, June 21, 2012

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tea bundle

jewelled fruit

sea asparagus

happy solstice - i can't believe we are there already. thanks for all the great comments on the owls - it was a very special evening. i went back tonight and though i spotted both adults they seemed quite agitated, one hoo-hooing at me when i stood looking up from the creek's gravel bar and the other hissing and bobbing at me despite being at least 100m away and high in a tree; actually i probably wouldn't even have seen it if it hadn't raised all the fuss. i left them alone (alone is a relative term though - the robins were in full assault mode). instead i admired all the snails plying the trails, and a pair of pileated woodpeckers keeping close company with a pair of red-headed sapsuckers. there are lots of rotting trees in that wood - a woodpecker's haven.

but amongst all the wildlife, there is also a lot of other 'life' to be found these days, if one has their eyes open. thanks to langdon cook i was inspired to gather some vanilla leaf to dry for tea. my sweet little nephews gifted me with a tub full of gorgeous salmonberries. and a trip to the beach had me gathering some sea asparagus to saute up for later.

are you doing any foraging these days?

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Ketra said...

I'm always learning something new here. Sea asparagus - how cool!