Sunday, June 17, 2012

collaboration: forest set

wise owl


a forest pair

owl feet

hitching a ride

over the past couple months, i have been working on a collaboration with Abby Glassenberg. we had decided to make two sets of creatures - an ocean set and a forest set. we each prepared some fabrics and sent half to each other. then we each made a creature with these fabrics - me an ocean crab and Abby made a woodland deer. we then sent these creatures across the continent to each other, with the plan that we would each make a creature to pair with the other's, out of the same fabrics. Abby finished first, making a cool fish to go with my crab. and now here is my piece to go with her deer: a little owl, inspired by the ones i have been lucky enough to spot in the woods lately.

as you know, i had a bit of trouble deciding on a creature to pair with the deer. i contemplated many different ideas, but then the owls decided for me. in the end, i am very happy with how he turned out, and think he makes a good companion for the deer. see that last shot - they are ready to head out on an adventure together! i made a flying owl sometime ago, but this little perching guy is better suited to hang with his stag friend. i especially like his little feet.

working with Abby has been great fun - and a great challenge. i'm usually such a solitary sort, particularly in my work, and so i have enjoyed bouncing ideas off of someone else and seeing how another maker builds creatures. (i especially love the eyelashes on that deer - can you see them in the last photo?). thanks Abby for asking me!

if you are interested in bringing home this collector set - or the ocean set for that matter - please check back here tomorrow. i will be offering the forest pair here and Abby will offer the ocean set on her blog.


now back to mandolin practice. good thing A is away for the week, so no one needs to hear my awkward attempts at playing this pop classic. my hope is that it will be a passable version of at least the intro by the time he gets home.

and i can smell that my beer bread is ready to come out of the oven - good fuel for mandolin strumming, i do believe. happy sunday to you all.


Jenni said...

They are both lovely..but the owl is adorable! I love the texture you created on his breast and claws.

Tara said...

They look like they were meant to be best buddies, k. I love this collaboration between the two of you.

NancyH said...

i love the little owly! great texture on his breast feathers in particular.