Sunday, June 10, 2012



in the garden




call it procrastination. lack of focus. avoidance. stubborness, really. i'm horrible that way. as soon as there is something i 'should' be working on, it becomes the last thing i am interested in. at work i generally am fine, knowing that things just need to be done, and to just do it. but in life...well, not so much. A knows this about me; he knows my little quirks so well. ask me to make something in particular - knit socks, draw a picture, work within specific confines on a project - and nine times out of 10 my wall comes up and i don't want to do it. i'll find 20 other things to work on instead, sometimes even something that is almost indistinguishable from the actual thing I should be working on. even when i want to work on the project. really, how sad is that?

Abby made an awesome fish to go along with my crab. i think they are a great set. my piece to go along with her deer? hmmm, it's not taking shape well. i can't seem to settle on a beast, and each time i try to sketch one out i just can't 'see' it. the inspiration is just out of reach, as it seems with my stitching in general these days, with my life in general these days. and so i'm the deadbeat holding up this collaboration. sorry Abby. and sorry to anyone still reading here, that i'm such a bummer lately.


one place where inspiration is flowing, in as much as it could really be called inspiration, is in the dye pot. plants and minerals are finding their way into pots and jars, releasing their colours to be soaked up by waiting fabrics. these are some recent images snapped of what's percolating, and what's coming out at the end. you can click any of the images for more details.


>>> this film looks like it will be full of inspiration.


joanie said...

Hi K. On my how I can relate to your words and actions or "inactions" though I haven't put it into words myself, you have so well.
Take away all the successes you're having and wait out the inspiration on the others, it will come. Your dye pots and results look really wonderful.
I'm really sorry to read that you've been having such a hard time lately. Life seems to shift us about unexpectedly sometimes – I'm sure you'll come out the other side of it just like sun finally breaks through clouds ( though where we both live it can sometimes be a rather long wait ;)

Erin said...

maybe those dye pots will hold some answers, if you don't look too closely for them!!!

be gentle with yourself, artistic inspiration can be a finicky and imperfect friend. hoping you feel the ease you need to move through it....

that said, i completely relate and my first born is cut from the same cloth. i get lots of practise holding empathy space for the both of us ;-)

leFiligree said...

you may not be feeling very inspired, but youre still very inspiring! thx for being YOU :) you got me out to celebrate world oceans day, which was awesome fun for us all.

Tara said...

Sometimes you can't look for inspiration. Sometimes it finds you instead. In the meantime, I love your fabrics. I thought the array of purples were some of the most beautiful fabrics until I saw the greys.

Kirsten said...

I felt SURE your woodland animal was going to be an owl, after your owl post. That the owl that you couldn't quite see would manifest as a little stitched creation.

I am the same way with projects. And so I keep a number of things on the go. But you know, I often find that pushing through the stubborn block yields the best results - if you keep on pushing that is. It is great to challenge yourself that way.

And sometimes the process has to come naturally, too. And that's ok.