Thursday, January 19, 2012

well look at that...

Well look at that


snow bird

as with so much of the island's weather, our flurry of snowfall yesterday was furious but short. the powdery snow swirled off rooftops and around tree branches as they bowed with the north wind. but by the afternoon a slanting sun began to peer through the clouds, straining for a view of the cold blanket covering the earth below. a warm light to squint against in the sparkle of fresh snow. the air remains subzero though, the arctic outflow holding out until tonight or tomorrow sometime. right now it is just overcast and frozen, as we wait on the change in systems that will likely bring a bit more snow before turning into freezing rain and then actual rain. ugh, that's when things get really messy. so i will just sit in this bit of a pause, when outside is calm, still.


ms. pileated woodpecker up there was a visitor before this new snow came. so rare to see them down on the ground. she was actually hanging upside down from the cherry tree, snacking on suet, when she dropped down to the grass, picking up the bits that fall down. i think this same bird has been visiting me for a few years now. only occasionally have i seen the male (he has a red mustache).


for those who asked, i get my tiramisu tea at the little tea shop in town, where they dole out your order from large tins lined up on the wall. so that doesn't really help you unless you live here (eta: just found they do mail order). a quick search on google shows me they aren't the only ones who have it, so i'm sure you could find something similar if you desired. the description on mine says it contains rooibos, crackel bits, dark chocolate chips, and cocoa.


the arm is coming along, slowly. i will have a follow-up with the surgeon next week and i am hoping all looks good. really i hope that soon i can go back to a regular cast, which suddenly seems so much more streamlined than this awkward collection of restraints on my forearm right now. i have only a couple cardigans i can manage to ease over it all, and in this weather i need all the warmth i can get. i've still got over a month to go before i might be free completely. i know it won't be that long before i try stitching again, maybe even next week. thanks all for your continued kind wishes.


Els said...

Mmmmmm a bit of snow: yes !
What a lovely red cap
Remember the loooong wait till my cast came off .... (and then, shortly, it hurt even more than befóre, because of the long time the muscles were in-active :-( !!) so still a bit to come. But I don't want to scare you, all ends well in the end, it really does !!!

Anonymous said...

Healing takes time...Today, the 18th was the one year anniversary of spinal fusion for me..I am still healing. The body is quite wondrous in what it will withstand. Your mind will carry you through it:) That little woodpecker you captured was amazing!-Michaelanne

Kate said...

makes me feel itchy and cross just imagining the sensation of having your cast on! my, that tea sounds extraordinary: with all that good stuff it must have healing powers :)

kate said...

What a great picture of the woodpecker!!

We have lovely snow this morning, but I can feel that the temps are warmer out there and I'm sure it will be rain before the morning is out. School is open.

I'm more intrigued with the tea now you tell me it is roiboos and not black tea. I may have to stop by the shop when I'm in town on Saturday!

Jacey said...

That woodpecker is beautiful! I'm glad to know you're healing, slowly. I know you'll be raring to go when you're free and you can craft freely again!