Sunday, January 29, 2012

looking down...

looking down

looking down

shades of grey

green and gold

moonsnail remnant

it's already been established that i am a beachcomber and a shoe gazer, but with yesterday's bone-chilling storm swirling around me i was even more focused on the shore below than usual. my head tucked against the wind, the varying textures and colours of some rocks popped out like jewels, and broken shells peered out from the grey backdrop. i am loving this winter palette of rocks still wet from the outgoing tide with the occasional breakaway sage or rusty hues.


some other things catching my eye:
• did you see margie's valentines tutorials on poppytalk this past week? the ice hearts are my favourite.
• loving this woven paper basket as a great use for packing paper scraps and a stylish holder for yarn or other craft supplies.
• i just discovered the stitching genius of oh mister finch.


Margie Oomen said...

love, love, love your photographs

Natalie B said...

ooo I love pictures of rocks! :D

leFiligree said...

that mr finch is clever! thx for sharing. love those salty rocks, too.

Anonymous said...

Living there must be like living in one HUGE treasure box!! I really envy you!!!! BUT..That is why I must visit you often! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images!-Michaelanne