Sunday, January 08, 2012

sunday evening...

last light

it's been a quiet weekend around here. the weather has been pretty miserable and i've been puttering around inside, although without much to show for it. i wish i had more pictures to share but little outside time plus little crafting time means i've come up a bit short. this shot was taken just before the new year, on a crisp late afternoon walk with a friend.


update: A and i zipped over to the beach in the last bits of light for a quick walk. it rained most of the day but had settled to a bit of spitting sideways as the biting wind howled around us. we watched kite surfers skip across the surface of the water inside the bay. outside along the spit the waves crashed into piles of foam quivering in the wind amongst the rocks. i will have a few pics to share tomorrow, a couple snapped between the quickening raindrops.

after the freezing wind, a hearty dinner seemed in order and so chili is simmering on the stove. i have been frustrated with my limited abilities in the kitchen, but as the usual primary cook i'm having trouble relinquishing control. i do the bits that i can, a bit of easier chopping, stirring and "supervising". A very patiently opens cans, chops garlic, whatever i need - and puts up with my directing.  i realized today that maybe i should enjoy it a bit, the two of us working together in the kitchen. we don't do that very often, and it's kind of nice working together.

wishing you all a cozy winter evening!


leFiligree said...

i like the idea of your cooking together--it might be something you look back on fondly after your wrist heals...kinda like me treasuring the time i had picking lice out of my daughters hair because it gave me an hour every night to talk to her...haha!

Els said...

Lovely late afternoon sun picture!
Yes, I remember: being a bit helpless with that cast-hand ....
My man also helped out ánd learned a lot (so he said ;-) !!!) So enjoy!

terri said...

I love this picture. And enjoy your time to have help, and I know that Alan is probably enjoying it too. take care.