Sunday, January 01, 2012

two if by sea...



beluga whale no.2

beluga whale no.2

welcome to 2012! 2011 left on a cold, arctic wind, and i suppose these little wintry fellows felt right at home. as a continuation of the frostbitten series, i am venturing into the arctic landscape (seascape?) a bit more and these polar porpoises evolved in the last few days as the year drew to a close. a playful beluga whale in shimmery white linen, and a narwhal in silver silk with his long spiralling tusk guiding their way through the arctic seas. we had no snow or ice at the beach to make them feel more at home on the coast, but i think the windchill must have helped put them at ease, even as it left me raw. they are both available in the shop now, and i am planning for more polar explorers to join them soon.


new year's eve was a quiet one, just the two of us at home. late into the evening i started stitching on a small winter piece, a tradition started with this piece last year. more to show soon. later i think we might head out to see tintin this afternoon, A and i both being avid readers of the books when we were kids (okay, and still today!).


Els said...

Oh wow !!! (did the first photo to me ;-) ...)
I also like the beluga!

leFiligree said...

love the fabric choices and the spiraling horn! incredible :)

erin said...

happy new year, k!

those new additions to your shop are great, i love the horn too.

i am looking forward to reading and following along in 2012!!

new year's eve we took the boys sledding for a first night on Seymour Mountain. then on new years day we headed to Golden Ears...perfct balance and calm so needed.

Anonymous said...

Your soft sculpture creations have SO much personality! Love your work! Blessings in this New Year.
Christine S

Dawn Suzette said...

Love both of these... magic!