Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[not so] wordless wednesday

i was going to post the above picture without comment, but now it looks so absurd and completely in contrast with the weather outside. this was taken last wednesday, on a short, chilly walk through the woods before my surgery. this morning, though, is much colder. -7 C if the thermometer in my truck is to be believed. for many of you, that is nothing; but around here, that is darn cold. with windchill it is even colder. even more curious is that it is snowing, tiny little pinprick flakes swirling past. normally around here when it is really cold, it is clear, the wind blowing from the northwest. the prevailing wind, the one that brings precipitation, comes up from the southeast, and so when we get snow, it is the wind making that turn and starting to warm things up (and our snow generally quickly turns to rain). but it has just been getting colder over the last week, and won't start to rise up for a few days yet. brrrr. and heh, thanks for joining me for this morning's weather lesson.

so i will stay close to my warm mug of tiramisu tea this morning, and watch the poor birds outside try to get their fill of energy at the feeder. i hope that anyone else driving this morning stays careful, that skiff of snow over the old ice has made things treacherous. or even better, stay tucked in at home with your own mug of tea.


Maggie said...

It's cold here too--finally some snow!

And tiramisu tea??? That sounds amazing--combines two of my favorite things. Might I ask where one purchases such a thing?

jenny said...

Tiramisu tea?! I have never heard of it, but I must look now. Stay warm. It's a good idea to hunker down... I am too. And hope your arm is healing nicely... xo

joanie said...

tiramisu tea???
I miss all the good stuff over here.
Hope you're mending well, stay off the icy pavement, wouldn't want to slip.

leFiligree said...

i heard the NW was getting a snowstorm with flights to PDX and SEA cancelled.

im tucked in with some scottish oatmeal :)

Annie said...

Brrr.... it's been cold here too in a way we aren't used to!