Monday, January 09, 2012

january storm...

sea foam


fresh washed

froth & foam

gale force

a bone-chilling january storm. as soon as we stepped from the car the wind pulled at us and licked its cold tongue at our faces. i almost darted right back in behind the glass, into the cozy seat. but as A watched the windsurfers skip across the ruffled water on the inside of the spit i was drawn to the windward side of its long curving arm, where the big swells rolled in. before long my boots were touching the edge of the waves sliding up onto the rocks, and thick sea foam climbed up my feet. "no foam in the car" said A as i smiled sheepishly. for those who don't know, the foam is created by the churning waves, when the seawater has high concentrations of dissolved organic matter in it.

the energy of the storm was awesome, refreshing in the waning daylight. i would have stayed longer had it not started to rain harder. my fingertips too were losing all feeling, one set gripping my camera in a claw and the others pointing helplessly out of my cast and jacket, unable to be tucked in. shoulda found a mitten.


we just carted home several dozen bottles full of blackberry and plum wine, freshly bottled. we dropped off our fruit last fall at the brewing place and we finally had a chance to get in and pick it up. guess we better start drinking! ha. but still, it will be nice to have wine made from fruit we picked ourselves, for a fraction of the price of store-bought wine. A decided to take another leap today too and bought a beer kit, so that will be ready in about a month. i know what you might be thinking, but we're not actually big drinkers. we're just repressed homesteaders who dream of the day we can live a more self-supported lifestyle.


>>> one last thing - has anyone out there read wildwood? yes, it is a young adult novel, but i just finished it and really enjoyed this magical story taking place in a wild west coast wood.


Erin said...

I read it and loved it. Magical. Then again, I love Colin Meloy's music as well, so there was a good chance I would eat it up.

Sarah said...

I have that book waiting for me on my bedside table. I rationalized ordering it by telling myself that it was for my daughter (who is only four!). Then it got here and I thought: who was I kidding, *I* totally wanted this for myself!

Caitlin said...

Oh man... berry and plum wines.... yum! I hope your wrist is healing nicely~ a little wine might help :)

moje atoto said...

Your pictures are amazing!!!

Natalie B said...

thank you for sharing those pictures! There's not much I love more than a stormy west coast day - those waves are so awe-inspiring!

leFiligree said...

i know what you mean about ending up with loads of homebrew when you're not a big drinker...its all about the alchemy of brewing it. and you can give half away. what kind of beer did you make?

Tara said...

Awesome photos, k. The wine sounds delicious.